Anthologies roundup

The autumn marks the publication of the many of the annual “best of” literary anthologies. The Southern Review would like to congratulate authors included in the below collections:

And while not reprinted, The Southern Review was glad to get many other acknowledgements for its exemplary writing. In the Pushcart anthology, Gary Gildner’s “Timmy Sheean Is a Prime Example,” Stephen Dixon’s “Feel Good,” Aurelie Sheehan’s “The Three Graces,” and Frank Giampetro’s “Dear Daphne,” all got “special mentions.” Across the Best American series, there were many “notables.” In Best American Short Stories 2015, T. C. Boyle, editor, these included Peter Levine’s “Prospect,” Peter Mountford’s “La Boca del Lobo,” Kent Nelson’s “The Beautiful Light,” and Steve Yarbrough’s “The Orange Line.” In Best American Essays 2015, Ariel Levy, editor, “notables” included Gary Gildner’s “How I Married Michele,” Hafeez Lakhani’s “If We Show That We Like They Make More Manga,” Lance Larsen’s “I am Thinking of Pablo Casals,” Josh McCall’s “A Love of Food,” and Diana Spechler’s “The Matchmaker’s Mouth.” Lydia Conklin’s “Pioneer” was a “notable” the Best American Nonrequired Reading 2015.

Congrats all around! In a few weeks we’ll be sharing our Pushcart nominations for the 2017 volume, Pushcart XLI, so please stay tuned.

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