Contributors: Charles Rafferty

Charles Rafferty’s tenth book of poetry is The Unleashable Dog. His collection of short fiction is Saturday Night at Magellans. He directs the MFA program at Albertus Magnus College. 


  • 2016 Summer - Her Father’s Steady Chewing Confirmed Her Mother’s Logic
  • 2015 Autumn - Jesus’s Brother; Resumption; Two Pianos
  • 2014 Autumn - After the Flood; Metropolitan; Winter Festival; The Bridges
  • 2013 Summer - The Saddest Bid for Immortality Ever Devised; Caught; A Demonstration of How One Thing Leads to Another; An Explanation of How One Thing Leads to Another; Blackbirds
  • 2012 Spring - Golf Course Moon; An Adulterous Spring; An Epiphany during the Morning Traffic on I-95; The Man with a Hawk in His Suitcase
  • 2002 Spring - The Moth Collector; The Man Who Moved