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Since 1935, The Southern Review has made literary history. Ensure its growth and future success through a gift of support to this enduring icon of literary excellence.

Your gifts enable us to:

  • Publish the best in contemporary writing.
  • Strengthen the legacy of the journal's founders—Charles W. Pipkin, Cleanth Brooks, Robert Penn Warren, and Albert Erskine—by maintaining our commitment to quality.
  • Grow our audience and reach new readers.
  • Expand new initiatives and ensure our success.

Here are a few ways you can support The Southern Review:

  • Subscribe
    The easiest way to support The Southern Review is to subscribe and start receiving quarterly issues.
  • Give
    By giving to The Southern Review, you help us expand our efforts as we publish the best contemporary writing. Enable us to attract writers, fund our resident scholar program, and expand our reach with gifts to The Southern Review.
  • Endow a Program
    Endow The Southern Review's program and support fiction, nonfiction, or poetry. Your investment will provide lasting and permanent support for The Southern Review.
  • Include The Southern Review in your Estate Plans
    Please consider leaving a portion of your estate to The Southern Review. Whether yours is a gift of real estate, an insurance policy, stocks, or retirement assets, readers around the world can benefit from your generosity.

Give Annually to The Southern Review

Your annual gift to The Southern Review will make an impact. Here are a few examples of ways your investment will benefit The Southern Review:

  • $100 – Covers the costs of publishing one piece in The Southern Review
  • $500 – Enables one poem or short story to be edited for publication
  • $750 – Underwrites the cover art on one issue of The Southern Review
  • $1,500 – Assists with the cost of travel to the Association of Writers and Writing Programs
  • $2,000 – Underwrites the art insert in one issue of The Southern Review

Ways to Give

Give Online
To give online, go to the LSU Foundation donation web page and select The Southern Review as the recipient for your gift. If you wish to support a specific project, select “Other” and type the name of the project in the space provided.

You may also print out our credit card contribution form and mail to the address below. Be sure to list The Southern Review as the "fund name/gift purpose" on this form.

Send a Check
Make payable to LSU Foundation, write “The Southern Review” in the memo line and mail to:
LSU Foundation
3838 West Lakeshore Dr.
Baton Rouge, LA 70808
*Be sure to list The Southern Review and the "project name/gift purpose" on your check.

Call Toll-Free and use Credit Card
Call 1.800.452.7928 (225.578.3811) and specify which project at The Southern Review you would like to support.

More Ways to Support The Southern Review
Matching Gifts - Find out if your company matches charitable contributions.
Gift of Stock - How to make a gift of stock

Endow a Program

You can establish an endowment beginning at $20,000. An endowed gift provides permanent funding for The Southern Review and can be given at once, or over a period, up to five years. No matter what part of the program you choose to endow or how you choose to fund it, your support will make a difference. Here are a few of our essential needs:

Endow an Award ($20,000)
You can underwrite permanent funding for a poetry award, fiction award and or a non-fiction award. These awards help The Southern Review attract the best in contemporary literature and rewards exceptional writing.

Endow a Lectureship ($200,000)
Enable us to host The Southern Review contributors to speak at the Louisiana Book Festival for panel discussions and lectures. Endowing this lectureship would ensure The Southern Review will always have a strong presence at the Louisiana Book Festival.

Endow an Editorship ($300,000)
Your gift will provide essential positions' salaries, conference expenses and equipment allowing The Southern Review to focus its resources on direct publishing needs. Endow the position of one of The Southern Review editors and make a permanent impact.

Endow an Issue ($1,500,000)
Underwrite all publication costs for one quarterly issue of The Southern Review. Choose spring, summer, winter or the fall and ensure that your season has permanent funding.

Endow the Resident Scholar Program ($1,500,000)
The Southern Review resident scholar program enables a post-graduate fellow to provide 20 hours of editorial support for The Southern Review, including manuscript review, circulation development, and conference participation. In addition, resident scholars teach one class per semester in the LSU English Department. Read more about the Resident Scholar Program.

Include The Southern Review in your Estate Plans

Consider including The Southern Review in your will. A planned gift is one of the easiest, most fulfilling ways to support the good work of The Southern Review. Several options exist that can help you to give more than you thought possible.

For more information, visit the LSU Foundation Planned Giving web page or contact the LSU Foundation Office of Planned Giving at 225-615-8914.

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