Spring anthology news

While the “best of the year” anthologies aren’t out until the fall, we received some great news earlier this month: Roxane Gay and Heidi Pitlor selected three stories from The Southern Review to appear in Best American Short Stories 2018. Congratulations to Dina Nayeri (“A Big True,” summer 2017), Ron Rash (“The Baptism,” autumn 2017), and Amy Silverberg (“Suburbia!,” spring 2017). We’ve also heard that James Lee Burke’s “The Wild Side of Life” (winter 2017) will be featured in Best American Mystery Stories 2018, edited by Louise Penny and Otto Penzler.

And lastly, we got some good news from the Pushcart Prize’s contributing editors: they nominated twenty-one pieces from The Southern Review for Pushcart Prizes. The contributing editor nominees are: Brooke Bullman (fiction) “The Gray Horse,” autumn 2017; Bruce Cohen (poetry) “Traffic Checkpoint,” summer 2017; Mary Jo Firth Gillett (poetry) “Pine Tree with Fish Head,” autumn 2017; Lola Haskins (poetry) “Glowworm’s Dinner,” autumn 2017; Bob Hicok (poetry) “Say uncle,” autumn 2017; Bret Anthony Johnston (fiction) “Palomino,” summer 2017; Sandra Gail Lambert (nonfiction) “Etymology,” spring 2017; Danielle Lazarin (fiction) “Floor Plans,” summer 2017; Paul Lindholdt (nonfiction) “The Inflatable Museum,” spring 2017; Erika Meitner (poetry) “Another Ohio Road Trip,” summer 2017; Iheoma Nwachukwu (fiction) “Urban Gorilla,” spring 2017; Jill Osier (poetry) “Star Field,” summer 2017; Alison Pelegrin (poetry) “Our Lady of the Flood,” summer 2017; Catherine Pierce (poetry) “Planet,” spring 2017; Kevin Prufer (poetry) “In Small Spaces,” spring 2017; Cathie Sandstrom (poetry) “Mångata,” spring 2017; Joan Silber (fiction) “Secrets of Happiness,” winter 2017; Taije Silverman (poetry) “Who the Letters Were From,” autumn 2017; Mairead Small Staid (nonfiction) “Second Person,” summer 2017; Alison Townsend (nonfiction) “Mirror, Mirror,” autumn 2017; Brian Phillip Whalen (poetry) “How Will I Address Him When He’s Dead,” spring 2017.

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