Contributors: Anna Journey

Anna Journey’s third book of poems, The Atheist Wore Goat Silk, will be published by LSU Press in 2017. She also has a collection of personal essays, An Arrangement of Skin, due out next year from Counterpoint. She is an assistant professor of English at the University of Southern California.


  • 2016 Autumn - Modifying the Badger
  • 2016 Spring - My Grandparents’ Siamese Cat, Sheba, Brain Damaged from a Crochet Hook; As a Child, My Mother Took a Girl Scout Field Trip to the Men’s Ward of a New Orleans Prison
  • 2015 Spring - Visiting Richmond after Several Years Away, I Discover a Restaurant Called L’Opossum
  • 2014 Summer - To the Peeping Tom Who Disguised Himself as an Oklahoma Night; Why I’ll Never Fear Getting Red Chili Oil in My Eye: Montage of My Mother in Finishing School
  • 2014 Spring - In the Blood
  • 2013 Spring - Reminder to My Past Self in Which I Employ the Scientific Term Drunken Forest; Past Life Evaporation Riff; I Sip an Herbal Tea Called 'Gypsy Cold Care'; Accidental Theft: Crazy Quilt
  • 2012 Winter - Wedding Night: We Share an Heirloom Tomato on Our Hotel Balcony Overlooking the Ocean in Which Natalie Wood Drowned; Vulgar Remedies: Tooth and Salt; Vulgar Remedies (2): If You Hold a Dying Creature during Childhood; Black Porcelain French Telephone