Contributors: Charles Rafferty

Charles Rafferty’s collection of prose poems, The Smoke of Horses, is forthcoming this year from BOA Editions. He directs the MFA program at Albertus Magnus College.


  • 2017 Spring - What We Learned from Our Dead Parrakeet; Insomnolence
  • 2016 Summer - Her Father’s Steady Chewing Confirmed Her Mother’s Logic
  • 2015 Autumn - Jesus’s Brother; Resumption; Two Pianos
  • 2014 Autumn - After the Flood; Metropolitan; Winter Festival; The Bridges
  • 2013 Summer - The Saddest Bid for Immortality Ever Devised; Caught; A Demonstration of How One Thing Leads to Another; An Explanation of How One Thing Leads to Another; Blackbirds
  • 2012 Spring - Golf Course Moon; An Adulterous Spring; An Epiphany during the Morning Traffic on I-95; The Man with a Hawk in His Suitcase
  • 2002 Spring - The Moth Collector; The Man Who Moved