Contributors: Charles Simic

Charles Simic’s most recent books are The Lunatic, a volume of poetry, and The Life of Images, a book of his selected prose.


  • 2017 Winter - Charmed Circle; The Lifeboat; Past a Gull Sitting on a Buoy
  • 2015 Winter - Sinbad the Sailor; Guide to the Local Penitentiaries; The Cricket on My Pillow; In This Prison of Ours
  • 2014 Summer - This Town Is Alright.; Three Cows; As You Come Driving Through; Late-Night Inquiry; Some Late-Summer Evening
  • 2012 Winter - Icarus's Dog; Looking for a Soul Mate; O Spring: Strange Feast; Summer Evening
  • 2009 Winter - Trees in the Yard; In That Gray Schoolroom; At Adam and Evie Tanning Salon
  • 1999 Winter - The Once-Over; The School of Metaphysics; The Cackle
  • 1993 Winter - Via del Tristone; With Charles and Holly at Giubbe Rosse in Florence; Feast Day; Men Deified Because of Their Cruelty