Contributors: John Kinsella

John Kinsella’s most recent books include a volume of poetry, Firebreaks, and a work of criticism, Polysituatedness. He is a fellow of Churchill College at the University of Cambridge and professor of literature and environment at Curtin University in Western Australia.


  • 2018 Winter - Reptile in Roof Space
  • 2015 Winter - Falling into Cape Clear Island
  • 2013 Winter - Penillion of James Ward’s Eye and Muzzle of a Cow (Drawing); Penillion of Riding Past the Radio Astronomy Observatory Amid Hedges and Fields
  • 2012 Summer - Graphology Relapse Four: Walking the Backs/Hollow Earth; Penillion of His Last Harpsichord; Penillion of Night
  • 2007 Summer - Envoy: To an Icon Painter from a Place of Heat; Icon Sketch: Abraham; The Descent into Hell (Anastasis)
  • 2003 Winter - Reflectors: Drive 1, Drive 4