Contributors: Julianna Baggott


  • 2008 Winter - Envy the Atheist in Sonetto; The Sonetto of Accidental Inventions
  • 2007 Autumn - Compulsions of Silkworms & Bees
  • 2005 Spring - After Having Sex on Palm Sunday; Some Clarity; Sermon on the Mount Today at My Failing Kmart; I Consider Doubting Thomas at PetKare; My Enemy; Unloved; Has Only Struck One of My Cheeks
  • 2004 Winter - Irene, Suicide; Mary Rockwell Talks to Her Son in the Hospital after He's Been Stabbed during a fencing lesson; To Mary Rockwell
  • 2003 Winter - Poem for a Friend Who Has Lost His Sanity; How a Poem Can Fail (the abridged version); Poetry Addresses Her Sister, the Novel; The Novel Responds to Her Sister, Poetry
  • 2002 Winter - My Heart Never Understood Biology
  • 2001 Winter - Poetry Punishes You for Your Absence; Question and Answer: Where Do You Get Your Ideas?; The Orphan Poem
  • 2000 Summer - Blurbs; Nights in Tijuana; What the Poets Could Have Been
  • 1999 Spring - After Giving Birth I Recall the Madonna and Child; My Mother Among Bears;