Contributors: Karen Kovacik

Karen Kovacik has received a National Endowment for the Arts fellowship in literary translation and a Fulbright research grant to Poland. Her translation of Agnieszka Kuciak’s Distant Lands: An Anthology of Poets Who Dont Exist was longlisted for the National Translation Award.


  • 2016 Winter - Inventory; Recipe for the Meat Course; Kneeling before the Statue of a Saint; All the Radio Stations of the Soviet Union; To My Great-Great-Granddaughter ((translator))
  • 2012 Spring - Philomela; Delay
  • 2010 Autumn - In the Key of Quiet: Translating Mira Kus; Belly, World; From the Land of Childhood; View from My Window (translator, see also Kus)