Contributors: Larry Levis

Larry Levis (1946–1996) published five poetry collections during his life, including The Widening Spell of the Leaves and Winter Stars. He also published a book of stories, Black Freckles. Posthumously, two books of poetry, Elegy and The Selected Levis: Poems 1972–1992, have been published. A new volume of previously uncollected poems, The Darkening Trapeze: Last Poems of Larry Levis, is forthcoming from Graywolf Press in January 2016.


  • 2015 Spring - If He Came & Diminished Me & Mapped My Way; Col tempo; In Theory; Anonymous Source; Elegy for the Infinite Wrapped in Tinfoil
  • 1997 Spring - Elegy with a Bridle in Its Hand
  • 1994 Spring - Elegy with a Thimbleful of Water in the Cage