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LSU Press and The Southern Review rely on dedicated friends and supporters who share our commitment to discovering and disseminating important ideas and great writing. Join us as we continue our legacy of publishing distinguished scholarly and creative work that will set the standard of excellence for the next generation.

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1935 Society

…continuing our tradition of publishing scholarly and creative writing

We ask you to consider giving at one of the levels outlined below. Your unrestricted gift of $1,000 or more to the 1935 Society aids the LSU Press and The Southern Review as we continue our mission of disseminating the best creative and scholarly work now and for the next generation of readers. We will celebrate and recognize members throughout the year and at a 1935 Society event in the spring.

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Establish and Endowment

Establish a literary legacy by creating an endowment for LSU Press. Our peer-reviewed, scholarly works have an impact far beyond their initial publication. Invest in the future of the authors, works, and subjects that matter to you. Your endowment will secure lasting and permanent funding for important historical and cultural topics and for the issues you care about. Each year, a portion of your gift's interest is awarded while the remainder is added to the original principal, with the amount available for funding increasing over time as the endowment principal grows.

Below are some possible endowments for LSU Press:

Type Minimum Gift Recipient
Endowed Award $20,000 Authors and Poets
Endowed Subject $20,000 Any subject or field
Endowed Series $250,000 Choose one of our series
Endowed Position:
Resident Scholar Program
$900,000 Resident Scholar

Award Endowments

You can underwrite permanent funding for a poetry award, fiction award and or a non-fiction award. These awards help The Southern Review attract the best in contemporary literature and rewards exceptional writing.

Endowed Lectureship

Enable us to host The Southern Review contributors to speak at the Louisiana Book Festival for panel discussions and lectures. Endowing this lectureship would ensure The Southern Review will always have a strong presence at the Louisiana Book Festival.

Endowed Editorship

Endow the position of one of The Southern Review editors and make a permanent impact. Your gift will provide essential positions’ salaries, conference expenses and equipment allowing The Southern Review to focus its resources on direct publishing needs.

Staff Endowments

Your gift will provide salaries for essential positions, assist with conference expenses, and help with other needs, allowing The Southern Review to focus its resources on direct publishing costs.


We are immensely grateful to the individuals and foundations that have supported us with their endowed funds. Please see below a list of existing funds, awards, and endowments established for LSU Press and The Southern Review. If you are interested in contributing to one of these existing funds, please contact MK Callaway, director, at 225.578.6144 or


The Borne Fund

The Borne Fund enables LSU Press to offer some authors royalty advances prior to a book's publication.

V. Ray Cardozier Fund

The Cardozier Fund supports books from a variety of fields, including history, biography, social sciences, public affairs and natural sciences.

L.E. Phillabaum Poetry Award

The L.E. Phillabaum Poetry Award, established to honor LSUP Director Emeritus L.E. Phillabaum’s long commitment to poetry publishing, is given each year to a selected poet.

LSU Press Author Recruitment Fund

The LSU Press Author Recruitment Fund helps attract authors to LSU Press.

LSU Press Fund for Scholarly Conferences

The LSU Press Fund for Scholarly Conferences enables LSU Press to attend professional meetings to sell books and promote LSU Press, to meet new and established authors in specific fields, and to liaise with librarians, media contacts, and other publishing professionals.

Sea Cliff Fund for Poetry

The Sea Cliff Fund for Poetry underwrites one book of poetry every other year.


LSU Press Annual Fund

The LSU Press Annual Fund underwrites various areas of greatest need at the Press. Funds support all aspects of book production, staff professional development, equipment, fundraising, promotional events, and other associated expenses.

Southern Review Fund

Southern Review Fund supports the daily operations of this esteemed literary journal. Funds are used to underwrite issues, provide internships, expand staff training and development, and support marketing events to promote each issue.

We are proud and grateful for two new funds established in 2014:

The Noland Fund: John & Virginia Noland
The James Dudley Wells Memorial Fund: Drs. Ed & Linda Green

For more information on endowment opportunities please contact MK Callaway, director, at 225.578.6144 or If you would like to learn more about how LSU Foundation structures their endowed funds please visit their endowments page.

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