Issue: Autumn - 1965

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A New Poetics; Excuse; The Last Poem (translation); (Poetry - page 879)
Apollinaire in Focus and Verlaine Obscured (Review - page 945)
Auscultation; A Sun, Which Is a Star; Question and Answer; The Poet (Poetry - page 847)
Delmore Schwartz's Felt Abstractions (Nonfiction - page 803)
Eliot, Pound, and History (Review - page 906)
Highway Elegy; Poet Reading; The House by the Sea (Poetry - page 862)
Janes and Emilies, or the Novelist as Heroine (Nonfiction - page 735)
Lioness Tiergarten (Poetry - page 861)
Manuel Bandeira (Poetry - page 876)
Mary Abercrombie; Herself a Teacher (Poetry - page 874)
Mary and Bellona: The War Poetry of Robert Lowell (Nonfiction - page 820)
Nathaniel Hawthorne in Our Time (Review - page 961)
Nova Poetica; Escusa; O Ultimo Poema (Poetry - page 878)
Old and New in the French New Novel (Nonfiction - page 791)
Polarities (Poetry - page 884)
Robert Penn Warren: The Deeper Rub (Review - page 968)
Suburban (Poetry - page 872)
Swampland; The Giant Oak; The Fish Tank; From the Dark Room (Poetry - page 856)
Taming the Joplin Place (Fiction - page 885)
Tennessee Williams: Approaches to Tragedy (Nonfiction - page 770)
The Experience of the Eye: Marianne Moore's Tradition (Nonfiction - page 754)
The Morning News; Running Bitch; The Geodesic Dome; Old Woman (Poetry - page 852)
The Necessary and Permanent Revolution (Review - page 926)
The Progress of the Feast; Epitaph of Holy Willie; Meditation on Time; Epitaph of Marianne Gryphius (Poetry - page 868)
The Succubus; The Snow Experiments (Poetry - page 865)
Uncle Roman (Fiction - page 896)
Yeats and the Tragic Triangle (Nonfiction - page 835)