Issue: Autumn - 1972

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The Interior World: An Interview with Eudora Welty (page - 711)
Was: Faulkner's Classic Comedy of the Frontier (Nonfiction - page 736)
An Introduction for The Sound and the Fury (page - 705)
An Old Man Mad about Writing (Review - page 956)
Arden up the Brazos: John Graves and the Uses of Pastoral (Review - page 949)
Auntee Owned Two (Nonfiction - page 836)
Conrad Aiken: Resident of Savannah (Nonfiction - page 792)
Drinking with a Dead Bear (Poetry - page 905)
Eye of the Storm: The Observers' Image of the Man Who Was Faulkner (Nonfiction - page 763)
For the Love of Madeline (Fiction - page 919)
Hearn at Grand Anse; The Face of Baudelaire; The Gate of Fire; To the Unwritten Poems of Young Joy; The Child; The Figures Math (Poetry - page 883)
On City Park Pool; Street Poems; (disquiet) (Poetry - page 909)
Progress and Providence (Nonfiction - page 805)
Requiem for a Nun: No Part in Rationality (Nonfiction - page 749)
Rising toward Birch; Incident in a Condemned Building; Divorcee; Taking Out the Nails; After a Question; Countries for John; Moving Out (Poetry - page 898)
The Agrarian Symposium: Letters of Allen Tate and Donald Davidson, 1928-1930 (page - 847)
The Daydream (Poetry - page 917)
The Mirrors of Analogy: Three Poems by Allen Tate (Nonfiction - page 774)
The Old Neighborhood (Nonfiction - page 816)
To my niece: our photograph, in a hammock (Poetry - page 912)
Unbuilding (Poetry - page 915)
Why I Will Not Divorce My Husband (Fiction - page 935)
Writing in the South, No. III (Nonfiction)