Issue: Autumn - 1976

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Allen Tate and the Nature of Modernism (Nonfiction - page 685)
Allen Tate and the Pastoral Vision (Nonfiction - page 733)
Allen Tate and the Personal Epic (Nonfiction - page 714)
Allen Tate and the South (Nonfiction - page 767)
Art as Adventure in Form: Letters of John Crowe Ransom (page - 776)
By the Way of Dispossession (Fiction - page 853)
Nuances of a Theme by Allen Tate (Nonfiction - page 698)
Poems for the Path Between (Poetry - page 824)
Saturday Spring (Fiction - page 872)
Seven Red Apples; The Hunter's Sword; My Forgetful Heart; Neighborhood (Poetry - page 838)
Southern Poetry Today (Review - page 879)
The Art of Lanterns on the Levee (Nonfiction - page 814)
The Ball Place (Poetry - page 842)
The Fathers and the Failures of Tradition (Nonfiction - page 758)
The Poet as Critic, The Stillness in Moving Things: The World of Howard Nemerov (Review - page 891)
The Serpent in the Mulberry Bush Again (Nonfiction - page 744)
The Tragic Form of 'The Sound and the Fury' (Nonfiction - page 768)
The Trains Belonged to Everybody: Faulkner as Ghost Writer (page - 864)