Issue: Autumn - 1977

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A Citizen of the World at Large (Fiction - page 822)
American Dreams (Review - page 837)
At Sete (Poetry - page 750)
Auden and Eberhart: Collected Poems (Nonfiction - page 728)
Common as They Come (Review - page 858)
Contadino; The Mill; Four Epigrams (Poetry - page 769)
Elizabeth Bishop in Brazil (Nonfiction - page 688)
Elizabeth Bishop: The Delicate Art of Map Making (Nonfiction - page 705)
Elizabeth Daryush (1877-1977) and Ezra Pound (1885-1972) (Nonfiction - page 641)
Enlightenment (Poetry - page 781)
Ezra Pound's 'Four Steps,' Introduction (Nonfiction - page 862)
Green Countries: Dylan Thomas Studies Today (Review - page 845)
History as Geography (Review - page 853)
Marcus Aurelius Antoninus, c. 178 A.D.; Asparagus Pickers; Epitaph (Poetry - page 764)
Memories of Uncle Neddy (Fiction - page 786)
Prelude and Variations on the Theme of Eric Voegelin (Nonfiction - page 646)
Resurrection of the Dead; Jauled from River, Sunday 8 A.M.; Former Movie Queen, Dying of Cancer, Watches an Old Movie of Hers at a Film Festival in San Francisco (Poetry - page 754)
Seasonal Poem (Poetry - page 767)
Song of a Pentecostal Summer (Poetry - page 739)
Sunday Afternoon; Evening, after the Auction; The Messenger; History of a Friendship in Mattapoisett; Poet at the Christmas Tree (Poetry - page 774)
The Chains of Loches (Fiction - page 782)
The Dedication (Poetry - page 779)
The Eulogy (Fiction - page 804)
The Gods in Virginia (Poetry - page 752)
The Memorial Trees; The Awakening (Poetry - page 772)
Walker Percy and Modern Gnosticism (Nonfiction - page 677)
Weekend on the Loire; Snow Day; Marine Exhibit on Bathroom Rack; Letter from the First Day; Late Days in a Hospital (Poetry - page 745)
With Stanley in Darkest Africa; On a Piece of Fifteenth-Century Embroidery; In the Catacombs; Mad Person's Epitaph; The Proposed Book of Common Prayer (Poetry - page 760)