Issue: Autumn - 1978

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Carolina Prime; Father Romulus, Speaking by Invitation, at Lumpkin Country Baptist Church; Yeats in Criticism (Poetry - page 755)
Finisterre (Fiction - page 813)
Form and Function in 'Absalom, Absalom!' (Nonfiction - page 677)
His Slightly Longer Story Sont; Doing Bidness; Some Local Men after Their Election (Poetry - page 740)
In the Manner of V. B. (Poetry - page 751)
Jefferson's Autobiography: Recovering Literature's Lost Ground (Nonfiction - page 633)
Kingdoms Coming (Fiction - page 837)
Mark Twain, Mount Tabor, and the Triumph of Art (Nonfiction - page 692)
Of All Possible (Poetry - page 758)
On Women and His Own Work: An Interview with Reynolds Price (page - 706)
Our Fathers at Corinth (Poetry - page 736)
Performing His Own Way (Fiction - page 782)
Sacred Pony; Frogs; Baptism of a Mad Dog (Poetry - page 745)
Sometimes You Stand There Waiting of the Paper to Be Delivered; Main Street; Green Mansions (Poetry - page 743)
Starting Well, Ending Badly (Fiction - page 773)
Style in Jefferson's Notes on the State of Virginia (Nonfiction - page 668)
The Brief Detention of Charles Weems (Fiction - page 760)
The Faulkner Photographs (Review - page 852)
The Long Night (Poetry - page 726)
The Missouri Controversy and the Sources of Southern Separatism (Nonfiction - page 653)
The Push that Brings on Spring: Valerie Martin's 'Set in Motion' (Review - page 849)
The Street Called Nightingale (Fiction - page 794)