Issue: Autumn - 1983

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Andrew Lytle: Artist and Critic (Nonfiction - page 833)
Avery Island; Solitaire; The Pictures; Apache Chief (Poetry - page 838)
Claude Levi-Strauss and Some Others (Nonfiction - page 817)
Good Friday (Poetry - page 858)
Howells and the Suppression of Knowledge (Nonfiction - page 765)
Joanna (Fiction - page 886)
Norris and the Vertical (Nonfiction - page 749)
Notes Toward a Journal; Augusta County: Perpectives in Snow; Lines from a Night Train; Birds in the Morning; Grass (Poetry - page 842)
On the Road West (Fiction - page 907)
Out of Egypt: Dick Davis on Yvor Winters (Review - page 919)
Perry Miller at Harvard (Nonfiction - page 802)
Reading Glyphic Writing: Vor-Textual Stratagems (Review - page 913)
Sestina in Celebration of the Voice of Johnny Cash; For Ellen after the Publication of Her Stories; A Natural Theology (Poetry - page 855)
Tell Old Pharoh: The Afro-American Response to Faulkner (Nonfiction - page 711)
The Branch Bank; The Termite Man (Poetry - page 853)
The Eye Can Tell (Poetry - page 836)
The Honeymoon (Fiction - page 863)
The Land Called Chicora (Nonfiction - page 736)
The Lost Sheep of Ladrones (Fiction - page 876)
The Mockingbird in the Gum Tree: Notes on the Language of American Literature (Nonfiction - page 785)
The Rickshaw (Poetry - page 852)
To the Funeral (Fiction - page 899)