Issue: Autumn - 1989

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A Preacher Who Takes Up Serpents Laments the Presence of Skeptics in His Church; Sunday Evening at Middlefork Creek Pentecostal Church; (Poetry - page 936)
Absence I; Absence II; Kite; (Poetry - page 916)
April Wind; On the Anthropic Principle; 37,000 Feet Above the Atlantic (Poetry - page 942)
Buck: A Memoir (Nonfiction - page 791)
Crossing Divisions and Differences: Seamus Heaney's Prose Poems (Nonfiction - page 803)
Existential Dirty Jokes (Fiction - page 973)
For Primo Levi (Poetry - page 946)
Glance; Class Clown; Nature Hike; Just Married; Letter to a Homesick Niece; Harbinger (Poetry - page 908)
Hyperbola; Taking a Life (Poetry - page 900)
Imagining Flight When I Am Still (Nonfiction - page 779)
Lorraine (Fiction - page 1025)
Papaya (Fiction - page 1033)
Reading Pound Against Pound (Nonfiction - page 859)
Scenes of Writing in Frederick Douglass's Narrative: Autobiography and the Creation of Self (page - 822)
Second Sight (Fiction - page 999)
Sweet Home, Saturday Night (Poetry - page 918)
T. S. Eliot and Ralph Ellison: Insiders, Outsiders, and Cultural Authority (Nonfiction - page 841)
The Cellar of Runt Conroy (Fiction - page 958)
The Ghost of Uncle Remus (Fiction - page 1014)
The Gold She Finds: On the Life of Camille Claudel, Sculptor (Poetry - page 877)
The House on Moscow Street; Diverne's House; To Market; Diverne's Waltz; Balance; Chosen; Life on the Mississippi (Poetry - page 948)
The Right Perspective (Poetry - page 945)
To a Familiar (Poetry - page 904)
Tracing the Angel; Noel (Poetry - page 938)
Yazoo (Fiction - page 988)