Issue: Autumn - 2002

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A Conspiracy of Friendliness: T.S. Eliot, Ezra Pound, Allen Tate, and the Bollingen Controversy (Nonfiction - page 809)
I Want You to Think about Something: Louis D. Rubin Jr. and the Establishment of Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill (Nonfiction - page 704)
Longing for the Future in Donald Harrington's The Architecture of the Arkansas Ozarks (Nonfiction - page 827)
A Photograph in an Old Anthology; Nudes; Brains; (Poetry - page 768)
A Problem in Spatial Composition: On the Order of Or Else (Nonfiction - page 861)
An Editor's Note (Nonfiction - page 677)
Beneath the Bridge (Poetry - page 759)
Coastal Remnants of the Genteel (Poetry - page 776)
Editing 'All the King's Men' (Nonfiction - page 849)
Elder Gogol's Pond at Plokhino Skete; Alzheimer's; Death by Compass (Poetry - page 748)
Evening Mist; The Hag Ibaragi (Poetry - page 754)
James Lee Bucky Declines the Offer; Following the Orion; Queen City, Skins (Poetry - page 787)
Kind of Blue; No Elegy in November (Poetry - page 742)
Louis D. Rubin Jr.: A Man for All Seasons (Nonfiction - page 681)
Louis Rubin, Newspapering, and the Autobiographical Impulse (Nonfiction - page 690)
Louis Rubin: A Charleston Jew, Boat-Building, and the Shaping Form of Memory (Nonfiction - page 712)
O'Neill (Nonfiction - page 842)
Pornography in Hell; Huddle Brothers, Ivanhoe, Virginia, circa 1963 (Poetry - page 764)
Prism (Poetry - page 778)
Riddle Me This (Nonfiction - page 723)
The Circle (Poetry - page 793)
The Fugitive Gather (Review - page 889)
The State of Robert Penn Warren: A Review (Review - page 913)
The Whale Road (Fiction - page 794)
They're Red-Hot: Duet with Robert Johnson #5; Terraplane Blues: Duet with Robert Johnson #6 (Poetry - page 745)
Toward Evaluating the Biographies of William Faulkner (Nonfiction - page 880)
Twig (Poetry - page 774)
Wave; The Art of the Novel; Heaven (Poetry - page 783)
Winter Preparations (Poetry - page 763)