Issue: Autumn - 2012

A commune run by an enigmatic guru, Nigerian immigrants struggling to find their way, and the secret life of a Hungarian censor appear in new stories by Kirstin Allio, Chinelo Okparanta, and Tamas Dobozy. Essays include Priscilla Long’s trenchant “Nineteen Sixty-Eight,” a social portrait of a tumultuous year; Jay Rogoff’s exporation of poetry and song; and Albert Goldbarth’s lyric piece “The Annals of Absence,” which ranges from cave painting to personal history. New poems by David Hernandez, Floyd Skloot, Julia B. Levine, Beth Bachmann, Maura High, Michael McCarthy, and many others. 

Regina Scully

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All-American (Poetry - page 537)
Rifle; I Tell My Dead Father a Secret; Netherland (Poetry - page 539)
Allhallows (Poetry - page 550)
The Difficulty of Sheepherders; Existential Crisis after Lighting Fire (Poetry - page 590)
River; Grip; Relume (Poetry - page 594)
Going— (Poetry - page 603)
(Now Again) I Am Calling Out; Weave Such Days to a Whole; Planter Woman (Poetry - page 604)
The Accordion Player's Window; We (Poetry - page 608)
Tomorrow Leaf (Poetry - page 617)
Archaeology of Now and Then; Protestant Cemetery; The Varos Road (Poetry - page 631)
The Heliopolitan; Chitchat (Poetry - page 636)
You Fell Forward on Both Knees; Partial Solar Eclipse (Poetry - page 660)
Black-Snake Augury (Poetry - page 662)
Dance; Zombie Preparedness Plan (Poetry - page 676)
Girl by a Window; Hamper (Poetry - page 680)
Can (Poetry - page 683)
A Different Country; Po-Biz Ghazal (Poetry - page 698)
Pause (Poetry - page 701)
Autumnal; Harp Hung on Willows; Beneath; Mothering; (Poetry - page 704)
Jet Lag in La Mancha (Poetry - page 709)
Buddhist Tales for Western Children (Fiction - page 543)
The Beautician (Fiction - page 556)
What Friends Talk About (Fiction - page 597)
Tumors and Butterflies (Fiction - page 640)
The Lord Is Dead, Long Live the Lord (Fiction - page 702)
Annals of Absence (Nonfiction - page 610)
Nineteen Sixty-Eight (Nonfiction - page 664)
Why Poetry Doesn't Count as Song (Poetry - page 684)
fruit; of lead; feeder (Poetry - page 552)