Issue: Autumn - 2014

Elegies, ghosts, and good-byes flood the autumn issue of The Southern Review with haunting and hallowed images of the past, from fond travel memories to long-forgotten childhoods and tributes to lost friends. Gary Gildner’s “Timmy Sheean Is a Prime Example” examines vanquished love, while Fleda Brown remembers a long-ago trip to Ireland in “View from Space.” A memoir by Hafeez Lakhani recounts his childhood in South Florida, while Myles Weber reexamines August Wilson’s Fences thirty years after the play’s debut. Along with poems by Charles Rafferty, Dean Rader, and Dana Roeser, and prose by Debbie Urbanski, Jo Lloyd, and Jean-Yves Masson (translated from the French by Edward Gauvin), the issue features four artists from the current Prospect New Orleans Biennial, P.3: Notes for Now.

Autumn 2014

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The Dissection (Poetry - page 511)
Ambrosia; Tell Them You Had a Mole Removed (Poetry - page 513)
If We Show That We Like They Make More Mainga (Nonfiction - page 516)
Crow Moon (Poetry - page 525)
Man with World Record for Being Awake Most Days High on Coke Goes to Buy More (Poetry - page 526)
Your Magic Summer (Fiction - page 528)
In Praise of Angus (Poetry - page 546)
Generations; Book of Ancestors (Poetry - page 547)
The Sacrifice of Isaac (Poetry - page 552)
Devotion (Fiction - page 554)
clean; sustainable (Poetry - page 572)
three . . . [by] seasons implored (Poetry - page 574)
Oysters; Duel (Poetry - page 575)
Timmy Sheean Is a Prime Example (Fiction - page 578)
Post-Elegy [For four years, I kept your ashes in the trunk of my car—]; Post-Elegy [For that blank half hour on the railroad platform] (Poetry - page 592)
Postcard; Souvenir; Tenby (Poetry - page 603)
my florida mother a menagerie at 89 (Poetry - page 606)
Dying Is Easy, Comedy Is Hard (Poetry - page 607)
A Return (Fiction - page 608)
Who Are You and to What Are You Joined?; Town Picnic (Poetry - page 630)
Letter to Dr. M. (Poetry - page 633)
Eggshell White (Poetry - page 642)
From There to Here; Blank Page (Poetry - page 644)
Rescuing the Tragic Bully in August Wilson’s Fences (Nonfiction - page 648)
Train Days (Fiction - page 675)
View from Space; Getting Free (Poetry - page 677)
After the Flood; Metropolitan; Winter Festival; The Bridges (Poetry - page 679)