Issue: Autumn - 2015

In the closing issue of The Southern Review’s eightieth anniversary volume, we bring together longtime contributors and new writers to help us celebrate the history and future of the journal. Stories take us from an El Salvadorian mountainside to a publishing house in London to the dangers lurking in our own backyard, while the issue’s essays span the breadth of courtship, marriage, and divorce, with humor, candor, and reflection about the possibilities of love. The poetry of the autumn issues includes new work by David Kirby, Jane Springer, and David St. John, as well as a suite of poems by emerging poet Anders Carlson-Wee. The autumn issues features the artwork of Alison Elizabeth Taylor, a Brooklyn-based artist who uses the age-old process of marquetry (cutting and collaging pieces of wood) to portray the strange and beautiful world around her. 

Alison Elizabeth Taylor

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Nabokov in Goal, Cambridge, 1919 (Poetry - page 517)
Mrs. Jones; The Nematode (Poetry - page 518)
Movements (Fiction - page 522)
And Then (Fiction - page 560)
The Days of Eggs (Fiction - page 572)
The Missing (Fiction - page 606)
Attractive Nuisance (Fiction - page 655)
A Note on the Type (Fiction - page 675)
Over the Fluctuating Waves: Navasana, Boat Pose (Nonfiction - page 549)
The English-Speaking Union (Nonfiction - page 624)
Hawthorne Girls (Nonfiction - page 637)
A Map in Sunshine; Oracle (Poetry - page 672)
Cambridge Self Storage (Poetry - page 671)
Ornament (Poetry - page 669)
Portraiture (Poetry - page 668)
The Muscles in Their Throats; To the Rail Cop at Rathdrum; Saint Mary’s Memorial; Earshot; Short Bed; To My Cousin Scott with Nothing (Poetry - page 647)
Generation (Poetry - page 635)
As I Was Carrying the Child; Daughter’s Daughter (Poetry - page 633)
Double Negative (Poetry - page 623)
Birds of ’Merica (Poetry - page 621)
Bivalve (Poetry - page 618)
Jesus’s Brother; Resumption; Two Pianos (Poetry - page 603)
Pike (Poetry - page 593)
Passport Control (Poetry - page 592)
My Greek Grandmother’s Hunger (Poetry - page 590)
Old Mare (Poetry - page 589)
All Hallows’ Eve (Poetry - page 571)
Gardened Man (Poetry - page 570)
Walk (Poetry - page 569)
“Joy Is Earned” (Poetry - page 558)
Girl Carrying a Suitcase (Poetry - page 554)
Recovery (Poetry - page 548)
Elegy (a Dream) (Poetry - page 545)
Garage Sale for Africa at Christ the King Church (Poetry - page 544)
Poulenc Asks That His Opera Be Sung in the Language of the Audience (Poetry - page 542)