Issue: Autumn - 2016

This fall, get a big serving of world-class literature with The Southern Review. The fiction in the autumn 2016 issue takes readers round the world: you can attend a disaster-preparedness photo shoot in Valdosta, Georgia, with Andrew Plattner; explore burial mounds in Ynys Mon with Tristan Hughes; ride to the top of the tallest building in Vienna with Elizabeth Evitts Dickinson; and sit on a porch in Ibadan, Nigeria, with Gbolahan Adeola. Nonfiction writers take very different approaches to memoir, as one looks back at one of LSU’s literary traditions (David Middleton), another considers taxidermy as artistic expression (Anna Journey), and a third recounts a family history, with pigs (Josh Foreman). The issue’s poetry is similarly diverse, with work in forms ranging from English hexameter to villanelle to sonnet, as well as fleeting five-line poems and expansive narratives. Poets contributing new work include Marilyn Nelson, Dana Roeser, and Robert Thomas.

Joel Kelly

In this Issue:

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White Asters at Candlewood; Orpheus and Eurydice: Revising the Old Story (Poetry - page 507)
A Tide like Grace (Poetry - page 509)
The Giantess’s Apron (Fiction - page 510)
Barefoot Abandon (Poetry - page 521)
Otagaki Rengetsu; Andrea and Claudia de Mena; Plautilli Nelli (Poetry - page 522)
Parched; Mermaids (Poetry - page 525)
Modifying the Badger (Nonfiction - page 528)
Sonnet with Juicer and Prism (Poetry - page 536)
Undone (Poetry - page 537)
Sarah and the Demon (Poetry - page 538)
Skipped (Fiction - page 540)
Standing up (Poetry - page 552)
Poem Starting with Dry Cleaning (Poetry - page 553)
The Neighbor Woman Who Knew Things (Fiction - page 559)
Single Twins (Poetry - page 578)
Passage; Old Cloth (Poetry - page 593)
Valdosta (Fiction - page 596)
Ordinary Psalm in the October ER; Ordinary Psalm with Seizure (Poetry - page 609)
Baudelaire (page - 611)
Age of Swine (Nonfiction - page 613)
Honeycrisp (Poetry - page 620)
Bustling the Bride (Poetry - page 621)
How Not to Learn to Fish (Poetry - page 622)
June Sweep (Fiction - page 624)
For the Love of Clothes (Poetry - page 640)
On a Tree (Poetry - page 642)
In Allen Hall: LSU, The Southern Review, and Baton Rouge (Nonfiction - page 645)
The Break-In (Poetry - page 650)
The Sea of Tranquility (Fiction - page 653)
Resurrection (Poetry - page 669)
Storm (Poetry - page 672)
November (Poetry - page 673)