Issue: Autumn - 2018

This autumn the new issue of The Southern Review is timely and haunting. Valerie Sayers’s “Do-Gooders” offers a humorous take on the lives of two aging, idealistic teachers with a history of political activism, while Sara Majka brings us the story of a woman who cares for an abandoned refugee child and is forced to make an impossible choice when his family asks for his return. Joni Tevis weaves together movies and music in “And Shelter Cannot Help Us,” and Roberta Kwok takes us to the Arctic in search of narwhals with her short essay, “Click.” Kevin Prufer offers two new political poems, while Pultizer Prize-winning poet Charles Simic dives into his storied insomnia. You’ll also find poems by Chelsea Dingman, David Baker, and emerging writer Yuxi Lin alongside photographs by Brent Pallas, whose work captures moments of reading from around the world.

Brent Pallas

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Autumn; Absence; Open Sea (Poetry - page 511)
Leftover (Poetry - page 514)
Passengers (Fiction - page 515)
Lately, I’ve Been into Thankfulness (Poetry - page 522)
The Wren and the Jet at a Research Forest near Fort Knox, Seventy-One Years Since the Bombing of Hiroshima (Poetry - page 524)
The Labyrinth of a Tree; The Monster, What Some Thought a Man (Poetry - page 525)
Upgrade to Fit! (Fiction - page 527)
An Incomplete Chronology; And What If I Spoke of the Hours; Epistemology (Poetry - page 546)
Bound (Nonfiction - page 550)
The Wrong Side of Gone (Fiction - page 555)
Dish of Mashed Peas (Poetry - page 569)
Election Night; Right in the Eye (Poetry - page 570)
Light Sleeper (Poetry - page 576)
The Do-Gooders (Fiction - page 577)
School for Boys; Model-Train Display at Christmas in a Shopping Mall Food Court (Poetry - page 597)
Air Of (Poetry - page 603)
The Overcoat (Fiction - page 604)
Gnomic (Poetry - page 612)
Click (Nonfiction - page 616)
Lottery; Man Wakes Up in Morgue after Being Declared Dead by Three Separate Doctors (Poetry - page 618)
Carrying On (Poetry - page 620)
At the Arrowhead (Fiction - page 626)
Profit/Loss Statement; Brother Buddha (Poetry - page 638)
Like the Swift Flight; Fishing Again at Thirty-Five; Portuguese Man-of-War (Poetry - page 640)
Killing Jackson Again (Fiction - page 644)
High Culture (Poetry - page 652)
Ripe Epithalamium (Poetry - page 654)
October Violin (Poetry - page 656)
And Shelter Cannot Help Us (Nonfiction - page 657)
Dock Life (Poetry - page 675)
Advent in Ephrata; That Night at Barnacle Bill’s (Poetry - page 677)