Issue: Autumn - 2020

The autumn issue of The Southern Review is here, and it’s chock-full of mysteries lurking just out of sight. Uncover the truth behind a long-forgotten disappearance in Afsheen Farhadi’s “Something Buried,” and join Kirstin Allio for a family trip gone awry in her story, “Ambush.” You can read new work by Mexican poet Paula Abramo, as translated by Dick Cluster, and consider the history of female automatons crafted by men in Rebecca Morgan Frank’s “The Mechanical Eves.” Along with poems by Charles Rafferty, Nancy Chen Long, and Brandon Rushton, this issue also features the work of Leslie Elliottsmith, whose fantastical photography synthesizes layers of images to explore the interplay of humanity with the natural world.

Leslie Elliottsmith

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After the Fire; After the Fire: Item #454, Walk-Through Room; After the Fire: Item #37, Ether (Poetry - page 503)
Memoir (Poetry - page 519)
Soroche; Incomplete Stranger (Poetry - page 522)
Astrocartography; Alien Technology (Poetry - page 524)
Still Beating (Poetry - page 533)
In the Credit Union Lobby (Poetry - page 534)
The Sirens Have Stopped Singing; Bad Form; Hurricane Florence (Poetry - page 542)
Scene That Felt Final but Didn’t End Famously; Scene on a Summer Night with Visible Stars; Scene in Which the Situation Seemed Settled (Poetry - page 563)
Above the Below; Hearken, O Daughter (Poetry - page 589)
The Mechanical Eves (Poetry - page 609)
Angelina; Bortolo Plays Cards (Poetry - page 610)
Apartment 4M (Poetry - page 620)
Presumptive Elegy for Ken (Poetry - page 634)
The Last Saturday of Vacation; Heaven (Poetry - page 636)
The Sorrowful Mysteries (Poetry - page 640)
“If We Shadows Have Offended” (Poetry - page 642)
Dispatch from the Forthcoming (Poetry - page 644)
5. Butterfly (Poetry - page 664)
One Good Turn (Poetry - page 666)
Some Reflections Occasioned by the Publication of the Revised Edition of the Practical Chinese Reader (Fiction - page 527)
Étude (Fiction - page 536)
Something Buried (Fiction - page 548)
You Would Set Your Jaws upon My Throat (Fiction - page 569)
Ambush (Fiction - page 593)
Duct-Taped Cowboy Boots (Fiction - page 638)
Like a Good Mother (Fiction - page 646)
Through a Glass, Darkly (Nonfiction - page 506)
My Vampires (Nonfiction - page 621)