Issue: Autumn - 2021

Just in time for the holiday season, it’s the autumn issue of The Southern Review! Experience a cab driver’s Christmas in urbanizing China with Su Tong’s story, “Vocal Duo,” or spend New Year’s in New Jersey with Maria Kuznetsova’s comic odyssey, “The Coat.” Travel to Japan with Keiichiro Hirano as he spins the tale of a traditional confectioner who is romantically attracted to fire in “Red-Hot Amber,” or huddle deep in the Norwegian countryside with Laila Stien’s “Visits.” Argentine poet and translator Natalia Litvinova explores a young woman’s desire to leave her village, while frequent contributor Anna Journey provides three long poems that explore the NASA-designed fragrance Eau de Space, an episode of ciguatera poisoning, and an homage to Beverly Hills 90210 star and environmental champion, the late Luke Perry. Along with new poems by Charles Rafferty, David Hernandez, and Bonnie Jo Campbell, this issue also features the work of Emmy Award–winning artist HOTTEA, whose yarn sculptures invite passersby to reconsider their connections with public spaces.  


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Place Card; To a Skirt, Somewhat Faded, of Thick Cotton Jersey, Made by J. Crew and Purchased at a Thrift Store (Poetry - page 503)
Not a Bad World, Is It?; Still Life (2020) (Poetry - page 505)
Nineteen Sixty-Three (Poetry - page 516)
The Yours Truly at Shaker Square Is Closing (Poetry - page 517)
The Rain Was Welcome (Poetry - page 518)
four poems from “Basket of Braids” (Poetry - page 544)
How I Am Whole (Poetry - page 552)
I’m Thinking of a Few Spectacular Ways to Die (Poetry - page 553)
I Donate to the Fund-Raising Campaign for the NASA-Designed Fragrance Eau de Space; Altos de Chavón; For the Actor Luke Perry, Who Chose to Be Buried in a Biodegradable Funeral Suit Infused with Mushroom Mycelia (Poetry - page 570)
On Four Seasons Hotel Stationery: New York Downtown (Poetry - page 589)
The Dead (Poetry - page 625)
Happiness Memo; Walking along a Canal at First Light (Poetry - page 626)
End of October (Poetry - page 629)
The Ersatz Parents (Poetry - page 630)
Saint Francis in the Orchard (Poetry - page 645)
My Mother Must Have Told the Story a Thousand Times; Call Helen (Poetry - page 646)
World without End (Poetry - page 648)
Old Wings; Curtains (Poetry - page 664)
Lucas & the Lure of the Cat (Poetry - page 668)
Moon Monologue; Sea Horse; Frantic Counting (Poetry - page 669)
Visits (Fiction - page 507)
The Rest of the Morning (Fiction - page 520)
Red-Hot Amber (Fiction - page 554)
Ice Giants (Fiction - page 594)
Vocal Duo (Fiction - page 631)
Su Tong
The Coat (Fiction - page 650)
Crossword: Novels, Abridged; Hink Pinks (Puzzles - page 590)