Issue: Autumn - 2022

The Southern Review’s autumn issue is here, just in time to help you escape from the blustery weather. Join us on an excursion to Singapore in the 1970s with an excerpt from Wong Koi Tet’s Dakota, or plan a trip to an imagined destination with Corbin Muck’s inventive “A Centennial History of Cascade Depths National Park.” Find out what happens when all the leaves in a city fall at once in Shen Dacheng’s “A Neutral Affair,” or plumb the quiet life of a retired couple as they search for a lost cat in Michael Knight’s “Path through the Wheat Fields.” Olivia Clare Friedman explores the life of a young boy whose fate is beyond what the most helpful of strangers can offer in a new poem, “Finding Him,” while Yasmine Ameli’s “Bedtime Story (8)” reveals the story a mother tells her daughter about her first job in a florist shop as an immigrant in America. Along with new poems by Leona Sevick, Gary Fincke, and Bernardo Wade, this issue features the fantastical drawings of Amber Jensen, whose work seeks to synthesize the magical colors of flora and fauna into everyday life.

Amber Jensen

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Elegy (Poetry - page 499)
Finishing Listening to “Finishing Jubilee Street” (Poetry - page 500)
Remnants (Fiction - page 504)
North Alabama Poem (Poetry - page 516)
The Museum of Inessential Maintenance (Poetry - page 518)
A Neutral Affair (Fiction - page 519)
Any Small Sadness (Poetry - page 526)
School Buses; For Eli on His Twenty-Fifth Birthday (Poetry - page 528)
Prophesy (Poetry - page 531)
This Pattern (Poetry - page 532)
Crossword: Low Spots; Hink Pinks (Puzzles - page 534)
The Delta; Lesson (Poetry - page 538)
A Centennial History of Cascade Depths National Park (Fiction - page 541)
Recovering (Poetry - page 561)
Bedtime Story (8) (Poetry - page 562)
The Lint Roller (Poetry - page 563)
Weighing In (Poetry - page 564)
The Naming of the Partners (Fiction - page 566)
To the Boys in My Niece’s Ninth Grade Class Who Question the Need for a Module on Poetry; Harnessed (Poetry - page 569)
Retold; Dilettante (Poetry - page 572)
Peaches (Poetry - page 585)
God Made Dirt, & Dirt Ain’t Popeyes (Poetry - page 586)
The Church of Divine Electricity (Fiction - page 588)
One Stoplight on a Late-Night Drive; What My Grandmother Taught Me (Poetry - page 605)
Missing: A Psalm (Poetry - page 608)
Finding Him (Poetry - page 610)
Surrogates (Fiction - page 612)
Confession (Poetry - page 629)
Anatomy Exam (Poetry - page 630)
My Take on Pantheism; Twenty-­One Grams; The Neighborhood Zoo (Nonfiction - page 632)
Bread and Wine (Poetry - page 637)
Manhattan, May 2020 (Poetry - page 643)
Vespers in the Middle of Nowhere (Poetry - page 644)
Path through the Wheat Fields (Fiction - page 646)
The Oldest Dream (Poetry - page 658)
Fallen World; JFK, Assassinated; The Open Door (Poetry - page 659)