Issue: Autumn - 2023

The leaves are finally changing, just in time to enjoy the new issue of The Southern Review. You can watch the transformation of China over the course of decades in Michael X. Wang’s “The Gatekeepers,” or consider the private turns of a relationship as it overflows onto the Internet in Pallavi Wakharkar’s “On Live.” Aviya Kushner remembers a friend lost to combat and the history of Purim in her new essay “Esther on the Eve of War,” while Bill Lavender juxtaposes St. Augustine and the war in Ukraine in his poem “city of god.” In addition to new work by Kaori Fujino, David Lehman, and Skye Jackson, this issue features the paintings of visual artist and jazz radio show host Emel Sherzad, who aims to celebrate the unpredictability of life through improvisation. 

Emel Sherzad

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On the Outskirts of Hope (Poetry - page 499)
Know What I Mean (Poetry - page 500)
Early Saturday Evening (Poetry - page 509)
Fear of Flying; Home (Poetry - page 510)
Morning Epilogue (Poetry - page 524)
Display; Mostly Gone; Dream Death (Poetry - page 528)
from For Today (Poetry - page 532)
The Lamps; Iliad (Poetry - page 561)
Gnomon (Poetry - page 564)
You Can’t Have Everything You Want (Poetry - page 566)
What You Want to Hear (Poetry - page 577)
Lepidopterology (Poetry - page 578)
Portrait of My Father in His Recliner; Unwelcome (Poetry - page 579)
Confessional (Poetry - page 595)
The Day after the School Shooting, the Morgue Posts on Seeking an Additional Funeral Assistant; Re: The White Woman Who Grabbed Me in Goodwill Last Week (Poetry - page 596)
Matisse’s Icarus (Poetry - page 614)
Rope (Poetry - page 615)
My Mother’s Body (Poetry - page 616)
Black Horse, White Horse, Both Plastic (Poetry - page 618)
I’ve Been Telling the Story Wrong for Years (Poetry - page 629)
In Praise of Echo (Poetry - page 630)
from “city of god” (Poetry - page 632)
The Beheading of Saint John the Baptist (Poetry - page 654)
Ghazal: For the Dead (Poetry - page 656)
Note-Taking (Poetry - page 658)
Vanishing Gods (Poetry - page 660)
The Jacket; Tiny (Fiction - page 502)
The Gatekeepers (Fiction - page 514)
Napa Valley Inn and Spa (Fiction - page 538)
On Live (Fiction - page 582)
Skirt Dentata (Fiction - page 600)
I Will Judge You from Your Roommate (Fiction - page 619)
Esther on the Eve of War (Nonfiction - page 636)
Crossword: Table Games; Hink Pinks (Puzzles - page 534)