Issue: Spring - 1976

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Benito Cereno: Melville's Fable of Black Complicity (Nonfiction - page 311)
Authorship and Craft: The Example of Mark Twain (Nonfiction - page 246)
Bicentennial (Poetry - page 386)
Celebration (Poetry - page 361)
Dandelions (Poetry - page 373)
Edith Wharton: Room with a View (Review - page 398)
Ete (Poetry - page 384)
Hart Crane and Yvor Winters: White Buildings (Nonfiction - page 232)
Henderson's Swinburne: Portrait of a Poet (Review - page 434)
Howard Mumford Jones and Romanticism (Review - page 414)
Hunting the Lonely Hunter (Review - page 442)
I Visited the House of Orpheus; Who But the Fallen Angel of Consciousness?; Phoinex Lyrics (Poetry - page 374)
Inheritors; Home Movies; Painting My Father's House; Death of the Firstborn; Projections for a Tenant Farmer (Poetry - page 379)
Lines for the Englis; The First Minnow; Music of Disaster (Poetry - page 368)
Lorenzo (Poetry - page 348)
Melville and Radical Prejudice: A Re-evaluation (Nonfiction - page 287)
Night Concert in Taormina; Klee's Last Years; Tolstoy; For Virginia Woolf; Our Lady's Lullaby; Reflections on a Still Life; Spring; Christ's Final Temptation; Towards Migration (Poetry - page 353)
No Quiet Place (Review - page 422)
Robert Penn Warren (Nonfiction - page 261)
Rome's Poet (Review - page 407)
Summer (translation) (Poetry - page 384)
The Criticism of Louise Cowan (Nonfiction - page 277)
The Misogynous Vision as High Art: Faulkner's Sanctuary (Nonfiction - page 215)
The Realism of Geoffrey Hill (Review - page 426)
The Sixth Color of the Afternoon; Casurarinas (Poetry - page 371)
The Strangest Day in the Life of Captain Meriwether Lewis as Told to His Eighth Cousin, Once Removed (Fiction - page 387)
The Thought of 'High Windows' (Review - page 438)
Three New York Poems (Poetry - page 363)
Trollope: Reemphasis of a Reputation (Review - page 419)
Tuckerman's Sonnet I:10: The First Post-Symbolist Poem (Nonfiction - page 323)