Issue: Spring - 1980

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Awkward Arms, Unhappy Legs (Fiction - page 469)
Cantique de Saint Jean (Poetry - page 440)
Cantique de Saint Jean (translation) (Poetry - page 440)
Charles Gullans' Imperfect Correspondences (Review - page 519)
Dead Trees Give No Shelter (Fiction - page 450)
Death and the Bush Pilot; Appalachia in Cincinnati; Wine from the Cape; Anastasia: Anna Anderson Manahan (Poetry - page 409)
Deeper; Passerby on Snowy Night; Why?; Cocktail Party; Two Poems about Old Norwalk Dump (Poetry - page 377)
Dolphins at Bethany Beach; Choptank (Poetry - page 406)
Elizabeth Bishop: In Memoriam (Nonfiction - page 257)
Faithful Are the Wounds (Review - page 505)
Four Episodes in a Contagion of Dreams (Poetry - page 416)
Frank Kermode's 'The Genesis of Secrecy' (Review - page 528)
Garden Poems (Poetry - page 385)
Hawaii, Near Apua Point (Poetry - page 430)
Janet Lewis's The Ancient Ones (Review - page 531)
Leon Edel's Bloomsbury (Review - page 499)
Life at Beeolly, 1930-1931: Letters of Caroline Gordon to a Northern Friend (page - 301)
Looking at Yeats through 'Selfish' Glasses (Review - page 492)
Making Bread While You Die in the Next House; The Bats; Bittersweet Nightshade; For Allison, on the Obscentiy of Flowers (Poetry - page 425)
Malcom Lowry and His Critics (Review - page 478)
Meaning Something (Poetry - page 396)
On Reading the Old Captivity Narratives; Eurydice in Hell (Poetry - page 418)
Paris, 1928: A Nostalgic Journey (Nonfiction - page 260)
Perceptions of Evil (Review - page 509)
Prelude; Portrait: Woman with a Girl's Face (Poetry - page 401)
Recent Verse of W. S. Merwin (Review - page 483)
Saving Literature from Itself (Review - page 523)
Shunning the Siren Call: Patt Carr's The Women in the Mirror (Review - page 516)
Six Poems (Poetry - page 437)
Spy Wednesday; The Communicants (Poetry - page 413)
Stack Tones (Poetry - page 424)
The Beginning of Tomorrow (Fiction - page 462)
The Life of Leon Bonvin (Poetry - page 420)
The Names (Poetry - page 404)
The Serpent's Coils: How to Read Caroline Gordon's Later Fiction (Nonfiction - page 281)
The Sibyl at Snug Harbor; Fun at Crystal Lake (Poetry - page 398)
The Tall Poets (Poetry - page 391)
Threading the Labyrinth (Review - page 512)
Three for Wallace Stevens; In the Time of the Rose; For the Parents of Jimmy Who Died Young (Poetry - page 431)
Two Poems on Marriage; Two Poems on Figures from Islamic History; Two Poems on Travelling in the Middle East (Poetry - page 444)
Wind-blown Flames: Letters of Hart Crane to Wilbur Underwood (page - 339)