Issue: Spring - 1981

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Supreme Fiction: Robert Penn Warren at 75 (Review - page 444)
A Return and Two Farewells; Learning Arithmetic; (Poetry - page 381)
A Vision of Flannery O'Connor's Vision (Review)
Agee's Skepticism About Art and Audience (Nonfiction - page 320)
At the Crossroads; At the Resort Pool (Poetry - page 394)
Beyond Good and Evil (Fiction - page 438)
Blind Salamander (Poetry - page 405)
Conversations with James Agee (Nonfiction - page 346)
Family and Community in Faulkner's 'Barn Burning' (Nonfiction - page 332)
Faulkner at Forty: The Artist at Home (Nonfiction - page 288)
In My Father's House: Ernest Gaines After Jane Pittman (Nonfiction - page 340)
In Response to My Mother's Request for a Poem on My Father's Fiftieth Birthday (Poetry - page 401)
Me Tarzan, You Jane (Fiction - page 406)
Modern Love (Poetry - page 366)
No Pistol Pocket (Nonfiction - page 358)
Not to Look Back Is the Rule; You Used to Pass By (Poetry - page 384)
Sidney Lanier in Montgomery: August, 1866; At Chancellorsville: the Battle of the Wilderness (Poetry - page 373)
That Fall (Poetry - page 397)
The Edges of the Inner Circle; Point of Departure; Crazed; Fearful Symmetry; Ice; The Needle's Eye (Poetry - page 387)
The Great Theater of the World; Twilight (Poetry - page 399)
The Growth of James Dickey (Review - page 455)
The Lecturer One Thought (Poetry - page 402)
The Violence of 'Native Son' (Nonfiction - page 303)
Tiberius; Where Am I? (Poetry - page 403)
Two Girls Wearing Perfume in the Summer (Fiction - page 422)
Watching Dreams; Struck Seven Times (Poetry - page 378)
Wisdom and the Magic of the Extreme: A Meditation (Nonfiction - page 235)
Wonder Portrayed with Energy (Review - page 450)