Issue: Spring - 1982

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The Vacancies of Need: Particularity in J. V. Cunningham's To What Strangers, What Welcome (Nonfiction - page 286)
A Conversation with Ann Staeord (Nonfiction - page 314)
Arche: First Morning; The Brown Hills; Just Another Love Letter; A Leave-Taking: To Susan (Poetry - page 386)
Caligula in Blue; The Dancer Who Swims; Another Kind of Play; Wallace to Elsie (Poetry - page 358)
Dodona; I Said (Poetry - page 338)
For Carl Rippin; Ulysses in the Land of the Phaeacians (Poetry - page 348)
From Stranger at Saddlerock (Fiction - page 398)
From the Top of the Tree (Review - page 427)
Get-Togethers (Fiction - page 413)
Hilda in Egypt (Nonfiction - page 233)
Local Winds (Poetry - page 350)
Lucid Abnormality: The Collected Stories of Elizabeth Bowen (Review - page 448)
Man as an Hourglass; Find; Nightmare; Chthonic Offering; My Heiress (Poetry - page 374)
Marjorie Bryant's Recall the Poppies (Review - page 458)
May Night; Eclipse; Epithalamion (Poetry - page 384)
My Life I Will Not Let Thee Go Except Thou Bless Me: An Interview with Janet Lewis (page - 299)
Nightless Nights; High-Wire Artist (Poetry - page 381)
Off to the East; In Beaufort; Turning Back; Nightsong; On Virtue; My Mother's Jewels; The Siren's Song (Poetry - page 368)
On Ann Staeord (Nonfiction - page 280)
Playing and the Two Traditions (Nonfiction - page 259)
Serious Work: The Poetry and Prose of Seamus Heaney (Review - page 442)
Still Life; Grenouillere: or the Princess and the Frog; Speech to a Dog (Poetry - page 377)
The Poetry of Janet Lewis (Nonfiction - page 251)
The Reverend Pandexter's Sermon (Fiction - page 421)
The Sirens; Compline (Poetry - page 365)
Three Epigrams (Poetry - page 395)
To Dinner; To Accomodated Man; To Cluny; South Door, Chartres; For a School of Dolphins; On Seeing the Mountains (Poetry - page 389)
Two Poems in Memory of Yvor Winters (Poetry - page 356)