Issue: Spring - 1983

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A Day in the Life of Willy Sypher; Resume of a Scapegoat; (Poetry - page 366)
A Life Continuous with Our Own (Review - page 456)
Another Kingdom (Fiction - page 417)
Atchafalaya November; Autumn at the Farm; Learning to Ride the Train (Poetry - page 393)
Barry Hannah's Geronimo Rex (Nonfiction - page 309)
I Sonned a Father (Poetry - page 387)
In Quest of the Primary in New Hampshire (Nonfiction - page 255)
In the Mountains; Mozart (Poetry - page 398)
In the Roman Forum; Domitian; Agrippina; Mad Messalina; The Cloak; Death and the Maiden (Poetry - page 376)
Lillian Hellman: Autobiography and Truth (Nonfiction - page 275)
Memphis, Muddy River (Poetry - page 403)
Miami Boy, Northbound; Lines at My Father's Grave (Poetry - page 385)
Of Water and the Spirit: Hardy's The Voice (Nonfiction - page 302)
Old Covered Bridge; True Love; Minnesota Recollection; Winter Dreams; Wind and Gibbon; Question at Cliff-Thrust; Breaking the Code (Poetry - page 342)
Once More for My Lady (Poetry - page 360)
The Courtship (Fiction - page 448)
The Dark Brother (Fiction - page 436)
The Experimental Crossing; Elegy with Dandelions (Poetry - page 370)
The Eye and the Soul: A Moment of Clairvoyance in The Plumed Serpent (Nonfiction - page 289)
The Low Country (Poetry - page 401)
The Man Who Gave Brother Double Pneumonia (Fiction - page 404)
The Spirits Will Win Through: An Interview with Barry Hannah (page - 317)
The Wren's Hunger; The Madwoman's Repentance; Mute Mad Child; Self-Portrait as a Still Life (Poetry - page 354)
Victorian Prophets; Pride of Mobile; Gulf Shores: Post Frederic; Fractions of Infinity (Poetry - page 382)
Words in a Garden (Poetry - page 388)