Issue: Spring - 1985

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Mr. Faulkner and Ernest V. Trueblood (Nonfiction - page 361)
Motions of the Heart: Pascal (Poetry - page 437)
A Sculptor, Welding (Poetry - page 430)
After the Killing (Poetry - page 448)
An Anniversary Year (Nonfiction - page 245)
Another Southern Storyteller (Review - page 554)
Around the Campfire; On the Killing Floor; Listen! The Flies; The Last Time I Saw General Lee: An Idyll; The Summer of the Drought: Macon, Georgia, 1874 (Poetry - page 441)
Conference on Literature and Reading in the South and Southwest, 1935 (Nonfiction - page 260)
Communication and Communion: A Dialogue, with an Introduction by Henri Cole (page - 404)
Diary of a Union Soldier (Fiction - page 534)
Eric Voegelin: In Memoriam (Nonfiction - page 372)
J. P. and the Water Tower (Fiction - page 503)
Naked Acts by Southerners (Review - page 547)
Politics and Education, with an Introduction by Charles East (Nonfiction - page 257)
Quincy (Fiction - page 512)
Reflections on William Faulkner: An Interview with Albert I. Bezzerides (page - 376)
Shelby Foote's Civil War (Nonfiction - page 329)
Taking the Wheel; Getting What She Wants; One Woman, Seen Twice (Poetry - page 432)
The Cousins (Fiction - page 449)
The Death of Huey Long: A Photographic Essay (Nonfiction - page 247)
The Literary Marketplace and the Southern Writer (Nonfiction - page 301)
The Millennium Garden of the New Jerusalem (Fiction - page 482)
Uncertain Season in High Country (Poetry - page 428)
William Alexander Percy and the Fugitives: An Exchange of Letters, with an Introduction by Walker Percy (page - 415)
Willis Carr at Bleak House (Fiction - page 522)
With Constant Light: The Poetry of John Finlay (Review - page 558)
Woman in Red: Vogue Cover, 1919 (Poetry - page 439)
Woodward and Southern Identity (Nonfiction - page 351)
Writing as an Act of Faith (Nonfiction - page 313)