Issue: Spring - 1992

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A Petty Thing; The Resurrection; (Poetry - page 244)
Angels, Atheists, and Evangelists (Nonfiction - page 371)
Bay Cruise; Night Walk in Time of War (Poetry - page 285)
Blue Milk (Poetry - page 326)
Comparison Shopping (Fiction - page 203)
Considering the Protean West (Review - page 412)
Difficulties and Impossibilities: New American Short Fiction (Review - page 420)
Dinosaurs; Swifts (Poetry - page 258)
Disserth; In the Old Neighborhood (Poetry - page 254)
Does It Goe Like This?; Ice; Up on the Roof; KLM 468 / Dep. Rotterdam 10:45, Arr. London (Poetry - page 247)
Evening Exercise; New Mexico Dog; Aspens (Poetry - page 223)
Father (Poetry - page 294)
Ghost Birches (Poetry - page 283)
Gingerbread (Poetry - page 320)
Half Past; Come up and be dead! (Poetry - page 261)
Hell under a Skirt; Fat People; Aesthetics; Years Later (Poetry - page 329)
Hell under a Skirt; Fat People; Aesthetics; Years Later (translation) (Poetry - page 329)
In the Hummingbird Aviary, Sonora Desert Museum, Tuscon, Arizona (Poetry - page 280)
Inside the Light, the Figure That Holds Us; Shells; Outswimming; What I Can Say to You Now You Are Leaving (Poetry - page 296)
Inventing the Hawk; Paper Boy; The Memorial Wall; A Brief History of the Horse (Poetry - page 216)
Landscape with Mater Class, Northern Oregon Coast (Poetry - page 226)
Learning the Leaves; While the Tractor Idled (Poetry - page 264)
Leaving for Good (Nonfiction - page 401)
Local Merchant; Mid-February, White Light (Poetry - page 278)
Lute and Virginal Outdoors (Poetry - page 251)
Parable of the Fish and Heart; The Omniscience of Snow (Poetry - page 256)
Robert Lowell and the New Critical Sublime (Nonfiction - page 353)
Shirma: Witness from Carriacou; Stubby Carrot; Brangwen: Witness from Frankfurt (Poetry - page 229)
Sunday on the South Side; The Watercolors of East Carson Street (Poetry - page 252)
Tabloid News (Fiction - page 307)
The Bulls; Sleeper in the Valley; Storm; Fledging; Affair of Kites (Poetry - page 301)
The Sexual Swamp: Female Erotics and the Maculine Art (Nonfiction - page 333)
The Whale Watcher at Home (Poetry - page 319)
Tom and Jerry Visit England; The Room; Vegetable Love (Poetry - page 289)
Tremblement de Terre (Nonfiction - page 390)
Trouble at the Home Office (Fiction - page 268)
What We See and Feel and Are (Review - page 431)
Workment Photographed inside the Reactor: Chernobyl (Poetry - page 305)