Issue: Spring - 2005

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A Blue to the Shadow's Black (Fiction - page 350)
A Hundred Wild Geese; Grief Daybook: After Charles D'Orleans; Me and Hopkins; Feast Day Elegy; Distal (Poetry - page 296)
A Note on Uncertain Season in High Country (Nonfiction - page 243)
After Having Sex on Palm Sunday; Some Clarity; Sermon on the Mount Today at My Failing Kmart; I Consider Doubting Thomas at PetKare; My Enemy; Unloved; Has Only Struck One of My Cheeks (Poetry - page 366)
Agent of Light; Strand; Sweet Drug of the Backward Drag; (Poetry - page 447)
At Marx's Grave (Poetry - page 271)
Chamber Music; To a Nightingale; Appalachian Lullaby (Poetry - page 275)
Consenting to Love: Autobiographical Roots of 'Good Country People' (Nonfiction - page 283)
Dying in the Waysong Living; Break (Poetry - page 305)
Elk-Spotting in the Church Park: An Eschatology (Nonfiction - page 229)
Fires (Fiction - page 307)
Flight (Fiction - page 382)
Ghazal, Ghost Written; Chance (Poetry - page 379)
Hot Coffee, Summer (Fiction - page 263)
In a Small Town, On a Street Corner; In Ohio (Poetry - page 417)
Just Beyond Auden (Poetry - page 311)
Leslie Fiedler, Ahead of the Herd (Nonfiction - page 403)
Men in the Absence of Women; City of War; Our Mortality (Poetry - page 421)
Middle, Nowhere; The Place; Only a Speck in the Mind but It Was Burning (Poetry - page 444)
Mistral I; Mistral II (Poetry - page 396)
No Difference Between Things of This World (Poetry - page 370)
Ode to Rafflesia; Across the Dardanelles; Conversion; The Poem as Samurai (Poetry - page 257)
Physician; Pattern (Poetry - page 313)
Places: A Memoir (Nonfiction - page 233)
Scientists Claim Fish Feel Pain; Sclerosis Poem (Poetry - page 273)
Sometimes; In the Next Seat (Poetry - page 315)
Stations; Ocean Effect; Forty Pines (Poetry - page 394)
Sunflowers in a Field (Poetry - page 255)
Suet Soot Suit (Fiction - page 427)
The Afternoon; Vine (Poetry - page 343)
The Backyard; Spellbind (Poetry - page 278)
The Best Sort of Teacher (Nonfiction - page 224)
The Culvert (Fiction - page 322)
The House of Marriage; Double Birth; Hard Days (Poetry - page 346)
The Omen (Poetry - page 342)
The Shield of Aeneas; Ixcuintli (Poetry - page 373)
Three Letters, edited by Randy Hendricks and James A. Perkins (Nonfiction - page 213)
To the Outdoor Wedding (Poetry - page 425)
Tree House (Poetry - page 320)
Uncertain Season in High Country - draft and published versions (Fiction - page 250)
Walking the Dog with Robert Penn Warren (Nonfiction - page 230)
Warren in Thibodaux (Nonfiction - page 232)
Paintings (Art - page 333)