Issue: Spring - 2012

The Southern Review’s spring 2012 issue is now available! Featuring a talk piece by David Antin, a play excerpt from Tommy Nohilly’s “Blood from a Stone,” and new fiction set in Greece, Montréal, and post-revolution Iran. Essays include Susan McCallum-Smith’s “Tartar,” a masterful essay on Muriel Spark that blends the personal and the scholarly, and Joe Wilkins’s “All Apologies.” New poems by Christine Garren, Sarah Kain Gutowski, Ron De Maris, Jay Rogoff, Chelsea Rathburn, and others. 

Peter Kayafas

In this Issue:

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A Teaspoon of Earth and Sea (Fiction - page 294)
Acquisitions; Ecologue with Paris and Prayer (Poetry - page 210)
All Apologies (Nonfiction - page 215)
Ashcan School; Tristes Tropiques; Blue Dog; Two Parrakeets (Poetry - page 244)
Copp (Poetry - page 340)
Daily (Poetry - page 344)
Flattering Light (Fiction - page 186)
Golf Course Moon; An Adulterous Spring; An Epiphany during the Morning Traffic on I-95; The Man with a Hawk in His Suitcase (Poetry - page 181)
Instructions for the Proper Disposal of Holy Books (Poetry - page 311)
Jumelage (Fiction - page 345)
Philomela; Delay (Poetry - page 312)
Tartar (Nonfiction - page 318)
The Conversation; Walking (Poetry - page 179)
The Sea Grass Icons (Fiction - page 248)
Ubernanny (Fiction - page 204)
white ravens black helicopters (Nonfiction - page 275)
Why Our Mothers Panic; Our Mothers Are Children, Too; The Reason Our Mothers Can't Help Us (Poetry - page 201)
from Blood from a Stone (Fiction - page 226)
photographs (Art - page 266)