Issue: Spring - 2013

James Lee Burke brings us a story of two men on the run and a corrupt Hollywood cowboy with an agenda of his own. South Florida runaways, a village where stones mysteriously appear by people’s doors, utopianist dreams, and a disastrous high school heavy-metal show feature in new stories by Jaquira Díaz, Mika Seifert, Tamas Dobozy, and Chip Cheek. Bonnie Jo Campbell’s true crime essay “Crimes against a Wrecker Driver” takes us behind the scenes at a salvage shop. Kirk Curnutt explores the influential biography Zelda and its place in American culture. New translations of Ghalib by M. Shahid Alam accompany original poems by Carol Ann Davis, Anna Journey, David Bottoms, Corey Van Landingham, Jake Adam York, and many others.    

Lori Nix

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All You Know; You Can the Hair (Pink Angels) (Poetry - page 175)
The Human Condition; The Queen of Spades (Poetry - page 178)
Reminder to My Past Self in Which I Employ the Scientific Term Drunken Forest; Past Life Evaporation Riff; I Sip an Herbal Tea Called 'Gypsy Cold Care'; Accidental Theft: Crazy Quilt (Poetry - page 196)
Studio; Piano (Poetry - page 214)
Heat Lightning in a Strange Land (Poetry - page 217)
Three Ghazals (translated by M. Shahid Alam) (Poetry - page 236)
The Story; Daughter (Poetry - page 252)
Study Skins; Decoy Birds (Poetry - page 255)
Without Thinking about It (Poetry - page 269)
Our Story in Snow; Decade (Poetry - page 270)
Metamorphosis; The Effortless (Poetry - page 276)
Kowtowing to Lord of the Knives (Poetry - page 278)
Sun Sets (Poetry - page 283)
Daughter; Nesting with Spoons (Poetry - page 284)
Ghost Tours: Houdini (Poetry - page 302)
Dead Finch; In 27D (Poetry - page 304)
During the Autopsy (Poetry - page 308)
Mating Call of the Re-creation Panda (Poetry - page 310)
Studying the Small Hill (Poetry - page 342)
Postscript; Palms; Inscription for Air (Poetry - page 343)
The After Dark Club (Fiction - page 182)
The Hobo and the Archivist (Fiction - page 218)
The Intervention (Fiction - page 244)
Season of Risks (Fiction - page 272)
Going across Jordan (Fiction - page 311)
Once Again to Zelda (Nonfiction - page 203)
Crimes against a Wrecker Driver (Nonfiction - page 288)