Issue: Spring 2014

This spring, explore the desert in stories by Peter Levine, Aurelie Sheehan, and Beth Alvarado—three of the seven stories featured. This issue of The Southern Review also includes essays by William Lychack, Diana Spechler, and poets Lance Larsen and Anna Journey. Two new poems by David Kirby—one about Zelda Fitzgerald, another exploring Emily Dickinson—are joined by works by Wendy Barker, Bonnie Jo Campbell, David St. John and Ryan Teitman. Mary Lee Eggart’s colored-pencil drawings, featuring verdant flora and fauna, grace the cover and interior spread.

In this Issue:

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  • Teakettle; Scribblers (Poetry - page 175)
  • Early Berry Picking (Poetry - page 187)
  • Target Practice; Flowers and Runaways (Poetry - page 188)
  • Department of Acoustic Appliances (Poetry - page 190)
  • Work; Aubade; Sonnet with Horses Where the Turn Should Be (Poetry - page 208)
  • All My Jellies; Old Poets (Poetry - page 232)
  • Nancy’s Garden before a Storm (Poetry - page 261)
  • Rereading The Golden Bowl after Thirty Years; Ending the Semester in Am Lit; The Morning after Our Second Ecopoetry Class (Poetry - page 262)
  • Carillon; Whispering Sisters (Poetry - page 280)
  • The Steamer; Seven Deadly Sins (Poetry - page 302)
  • Stars, Moon, Rooster; Maybe That Good Cherry Jam (Poetry - page 304)
  • The Way It Is; When My Baby Rocks the Funk; The One Who Should Write My Elegy Is Dead (Poetry - page 324)