Issue: Spring - 2017

Three centuries, four continents—the spring issue of The Southern Review travels far and wide. Conflict is a recurring theme: readers travel from a Virginia fort on the eve of the Mexican-American War in Nicholas Mainieri’s “Port of Embarkation” to envisioning WWI soldiers in the trenches in Ricardo Pau-Llosa’s “Soldiers Washing (1927),” and from a Civil War battlefield as seen through the eyes of a painter in R. T. Smith’s “Still Life: Notebooks of A. Bierce, 1862” to a Nigerian fleeing the terror of Boko Haram in Iheoma Nwachukwu’s “Urban Gorilla.” But amidst the wars, there is also levity: Bruce Beasley’s car trouble turns into a mediation in “Truth, Says the Truism”; Amy Silverberg gives coming of age a fresh, funny twist in “Surburbia!”; and Carrie Shipers’s workplace poems have no shortage of slyness. As in most literature, human connection forms the center, demonstrated in this issue by the poems of Lindsey Alexander, Steve Myers, and Cathie Sandstrom. We also feature paintings by Ramiro Gomez, whose work makes visible the Latino workforce behind many of Los Angeles’s domestic and public spaces.

Ramiro Gomez

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Field Guide to the Chaparral (Poetry - page 175)
Toward Where We Are; Voyage (Poetry - page 173)
The Poisoner (Fiction - page 177)
In the Clearing; Lens; From a Park Bench (Poetry - page 188)
Concerning the Shape of Time (Poetry - page 191)
Urban Gorilla (Fiction - page 195)
Sky Lake Redux (Poetry - page 212)
"Truth", Says the Truism (Poetry - page 214)
Suburbia! (Fiction - page 218)
Report on the Most Recent Survey of Morale; Exit Interview (Poetry - page 228)
The Dream and a Shame (Poetry - page 232)
The Piano [No one knows when my wife plays the piano]; The Piano [When she plays the piano and I'm half listening] (Poetry - page 234)
Counterblast (Fiction - page 236)
The Spinning Place (Poetry - page 252)
Teufelsdröckh, Give Up the Ghost; How Will I Address Him When He's Dead (Poetry - page 254)
Scorched Earth (Poetry - page 256)
One (Poetry - page 267)
Invitation (Poetry - page 268)
What We Learned from Our Dead Parrakeet; Insomnolence (Poetry - page 270)
Etymology (Nonfiction - page 272)
In Small Spaces (Poetry - page 286)
Virgule (Poetry - page 289)
Still Life: From the Notebooks of Ambrose Bierce, 1982 (Poetry - page 290)
Port of Embarkation (Fiction - page 293)
Soldiers Washing, 1927 (Poetry - page 314)
Nesting Time Again; Set to Visit; Where Another Lets Go (Poetry - page 315)
An Unsigned Postcard from Wellfleet (Poetry - page 318)
The Inflatable Museum (Nonfiction - page 319)
Grinding Pestle: East Fork Paint Creek, Jefferson Farm; Stream of Consciousness (Poetry - page 332)
Planet (Poetry - page 335)
Mångata (Poetry - page 337)