Issue: Spring - 2018

Spring is in the air, and in the pages of The Southern Review. Head to prom with Brenda Peynado’s headstrong protagonist in “The Dreamers” and case out some choice summer homes with the environmental activists in Nick Fuller Googin’s “Motivated Individuals.” You can also learn about the ancient Jewish ritual of the mivkeh and the very complicated situation of contemporary surrogacy in Courtney Zoffness’s essay, “Holy Body.” The issue’s poetry carries readers from the hills of Kentucky to the mountains of Japan, with new work by Ed Falco and Freeman Rogers, respectively, and also includes poems by Nancy Chen Long, Elisabeth Murawski, and Charles Rafferty. The spring issue features the paintings of Emily Cheng, who blends Chinese landscape traditions and Western influences in her dreamlike canvases.

Listen to selected readings from the spring issue in our audio gallery:

Emily Cheng

In this Issue:

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In the Kentucky Mountains (Poetry - page 169)
Palm; Miniature Horses in Florida (Poetry - page 171)
Landslide (Fiction - page 174)
Inadvertent Mousetrap; The Roman Names; Marbles (Poetry - page 179)
Memory Reel (Poetry - page 182)
A God to Woo; The Sentiments (Poetry - page 184)
The Dreamers (Fiction - page 186)
Parable of Childhood (Poetry - page 198)
For Alun Lewis, Poet (1915–1944); Blows (Poetry - page 200)
Motivated Individuals (Fiction - page 204)
Preparations for the Dragon (Poetry - page 219)
Nojuku; On the Outskirts of Matsumae (Poetry - page 220)
Dear Joan Didion, (Poetry - page 223)
Stay There (Fiction - page 225)
Varnishing Days (Poetry - page 241)
Symmetry; “Herspace” (Poetry - page 242)
Holy Body (Nonfiction - page 255)
Contextual Education (Poetry - page 279)
Philtrum Guards (Poetry - page 280)
Dear [ ], (Poetry - page 282)
[Coolitude: worker bees of the colonies]; [You’d heard the true tale]; [Language has coolied me] (Poetry - page 284)
The Barge (Poetry - page 292)
Sing Me a Song of 19 University Place (Nonfiction - page 293)
Primary, Primal; With an Ear to the Earth (Poetry - page 309)
Ordinary Psalm in the Anthropocene (Poetry - page 312)
Are You Ready to Go (Fiction - page 317)
Your New World (Poetry - page 337)
Palindrome; Gravitron 3000 (Poetry - page 338)