Issue: Spring - 2019

Spring is in the air, and in the pages of The Southern Review. Join two children as they try to sneak their way into a Thai festival in Duanwad Pimwana’s “Sandals” and relive an old con in Peter Orner’s “Fall River Wife.” You can also learn about lovers’ marks—the sometimes painted, sometimes carved dedications to love found in vandalism around the world—in Thomas Dai’s “Love on the Rocks.” This issue’s poetry includes Gregory Stapp’s “Love via a Rube Goldberg Diagram,” a charming puzzle of a couple’s relationship through the seasons, as well as two new poems from recent Agnes Starrett Lynch poetry prize winner Ryan Black, and work by David Wojahn, Kim Roberts, and Marilyn Nelson. The spring issue features the paintings of Eva Speer, who blends traditional and contemporary techniques to create hypnotic landscapes and textures.

Eva Warrick

In this Issue:

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Refraction at Twilight (Poetry - page 171)
Order Ephemeroptera, the Mayfly; The Father of Our Country (Poetry - page 172)
Lying in Bed, Ella Looks out Her Bedroom Window (Poetry - page 174)
People Who Live in Grass Houses; Bone (Poetry - page 190)
Devotion; Attentiveness (Poetry - page 192)
The Missing Girl; Eclipse (Poetry - page 208)
Mules (Poetry - page 211)
The Tulsa Convulsion (Poetry - page 220)
The Curtain; Nothing Beats a Fair (Poetry - page 223)
Symmetry (Poetry - page 230)
Love via a Rube Goldberg Diagram (Poetry - page 245)
Inheritance; Voyage (Poetry - page 246)
Forgotten Until You Find It (Poetry - page 257)
Skull Orchard (Poetry - page 271)
Wing (Poetry - page 272)
Natural History (Poetry - page 278)
To the Young Man Who Always Sat Quietly in the Back of the First Literature Class I Ever Taught, Who Gave Me a Poem Comparing Me to a Commonly Hunted Bird (Poetry - page 296)
Let Me Know If You Need Anything (Poetry - page 298)
Bernice (Poetry - page 309)
Mnemonics (Poetry - page 311)
Fifty-Eight Percent Is Concrete Road, 12 Percent Loose Sand (Poetry - page 336)
Kick in the Jaw (Poetry - page 338)
Kudu (Fiction - page 175)
Turandot (Fiction - page 196)
Sandals (Fiction - page 214)
Emperors of All Land (Fiction - page 264)
A Study in Gentle Persuasion (Fiction - page 279)
Fall River Wife (Fiction - page 299)
Love on the Rocks (Nonfiction - page 231)
My Cousin, the Outlaw (Nonfiction - page 312)