Issue: Spring - 2020

We might all be stuck at home, but you can still take a trip with the new issue of The Southern Review. Explore Miami—and America—for the first time through the eyes of the Cuban writer Legna Rodríguez Iglesias, and join a British couple’s honeymoon as they dive amidst a drowned city with the aid of a cantankerous South African captain in Christy Edwall’s new story, “The Sea around Us.” You can also escape into the mountains of the Pacific Northwest with a gripping novella by James Lee Burke, or, if you’re more of a homebody, burrow into the inner workings of an apartment complex in Marilyn Abildskov’s essay, “Khrushchyovka.” The spring issue’s poetry includes new work by Amaud Jamaul Johnson, who ruminates on race and identity in America, as well as work by Benjamín Naka-Hasebe Kingsley, Cleopatra Mathis, and the late Nobel laureate Tomas Tranströmer as translated by Patty Crane. The spring issue also features the artwork of Yuka Petz, who combines her backgrounds in bookbinding and visual arts to explore the physicality of text and language.

Yuka Petz

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Swallow; Last Winter (Poetry - page 171)
Winemaker (Poetry - page 173)
So Much for America; Don’t Become a Stranger; English; Order of Confusion; Ahmad Jamal Is an American Jazz Musician/Amaud Jamaul Is an American Poet from Compton; Possum Dead (Poetry - page 185)
Home Is a Woman (Poetry - page 212)
Robin (Poetry - page 213)
More Precious Than Pizza (Poetry - page 216)
With the River; On the Fringes; Night Duty (Poetry - page 234)
A gran hambre no hay mal pan (Poetry - page 242)
Intimacies (Poetry - page 265)
When the Turbulence Ends,; But I Didn’t Look at Her (Poetry - page 266)
April in Mississippi (Poetry - page 275)
Invitation to Tender; From This Thought a Hazy Question; It’s Gunna Be All Right (Poetry - page 276)
Early Resurrections (Poetry - page 321)
Scar Two; Scar Six (Poetry - page 323)
Listening to North in the Morning; Patrons (Poetry - page 325)
What My Father Heard the Rabbi Say at My Mother’s Funeral; The Wish; Celebrating His Ninety-Second Birthday the Year His Wife Died (Poetry - page 334)
The River; Unfinished (Poetry - page 339)
The Sea around Us (Fiction - page 174)
After the Flood (Fiction - page 202)
Rock Wednesday (Fiction - page 217)
Elegy Hotel (Fiction - page 243)
Postcard Sea (Fiction - page 270)
The Assault (Fiction - page 282)
Miami (Fiction - page 327)
Khrushchyovka (Nonfiction - page 193)