Issue: Spring - 2022

The lives of others are on display in The Southern Review’s spring issue. Join an elderly Chilean woman and her surly teenage assistant as they create an art installation from videos, secretly taken, of a neighboring apartment complex in a new story by Antonio Díaz Oliva. You can watch over the decline of a rival professor in William Pei Shih’s “Necessary Evils,” or join Heather Aruffo as she observes the culture of gun ownership in her adopted home of Alaska. Lisa Low’s “Crown for the Girl Inside” presents an Asian American writer in conversation with her therapist in a formal poem about identity, grief, writing, and race, while in “Stingray Valentine” Charlotte Pence shows how we are complicit in violence and cruelty when we do not intervene. Along with new poems by Sharon Olds, Jose Hernandez Diaz, and torrin a. greathouse, this issue features the black-and-white photography of Olivier Desmet, who captures stunning images of people and their absence on the northern California coast.

Olivier Desmet

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Violin; Three Lies and a Truth (Poetry - page 167)
Which Greek God Are You? (Poetry - page 169)
Narcissus in Quarantine; Heroin; The Transformations (Poetry - page 197)
All the Little Birds; They Had Used Up Their Time (Poetry - page 200)
Stingray Valentine (Poetry - page 204)
Prize (Poetry - page 210)
Pulling Baby Teeth (Poetry - page 212)
Lull (Poetry - page 214)
Quetzalcoatl in the City (Poetry - page 231)
Gilt: A Matrilineage; Etymythology (Poetry - page 236)
Trumpet; Sea of Tears (Poetry - page 240)
Last Day at Brinkwood (Poetry - page 253)
Whitetail; Moussbi (Poetry - page 254)
The Problem with Expectations; Red Route One (Poetry - page 287)
Crown for the Girl Inside (Poetry - page 289)
Releasing the Ashes (Poetry - page 306)
Because Everything Here Is a Brightness (Poetry - page 308)
In the Tearing Wind (Poetry - page 330)
Landlord Ghazal (Poetry - page 332)
The Poem My Grandfather Wrote; Living with Jason Voorhees (Poetry - page 333)
Cumulus (Poetry - page 336)
Mrs. Gonçalves and the Lives of Others (Fiction - page 172)
The Aunties of Cambridge Street (Fiction - page 215)
Ramp Bros (Fiction - page 259)
The Eclipsing System (Fiction - page 294)
Necessary Evils (Fiction - page 310)
Furoshiki (Nonfiction - page 205)
At the Women’s Only Handgun Workshop in Fairbanks, Alaska (Nonfiction - page 271)
Crossword: Spring Themeless; Acrostic (Puzzles - page 232)