Issue: Summer - 1939

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Family History (Fiction - page 69)
Flight of Sons; Reflections Near a Bridge; Ours is an Honest Generation; Prayer on a New Year's Eve; The Time has Come; Land of Milk and Honey (Fiction - page 186)
Hulme and the Tragic View (Nonfiction - page 141)
Humanism in the World of Einstein (Nonfiction - page 121)
On the Preservation of Democracy for America (Nonfiction - page 53)
One Majority Against Another: Populus Sempervirens (Nonfiction - page 42)
Praise (Nonfiction - page 161)
Science and Society (Nonfiction - page 105)
Sophocles: Electra (Francis Ferusson) (Review - page 198)
The Death of Ivan Ilyich and Joseph K. (Nonfiction - page 174)
The Genius of Democracy (Nonfiction - page 22)
The Oxford Anthology of American Literature (Edited by Benet and Pearson) (Review - page 193)
The Rhetoric of Hitler's 'Battle' (Nonfiction - page 1)
The Task of Concentration (Nonfiction - page 153)