Issue: Summer - 1978

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The Gymnast of Inertia; The Poet Hunts Doves with the Natchitoches Police; Wandering Spirit; Walking with the Master; (Poetry - page 488)
Beauty; Judgment Day; And I Have Witnesses (translation) (Poetry - page 460)
Difference; Morality; Self-consciousness; (Poetry - page 483)
Every Act Whatever of Man (Fiction - page 517)
Faulkner's 'The Unvanquished': The High Costs of Survival (Nonfiction - page 428)
Flannery O'Connor and the Jansenist Problem in Fiction (Nonfiction - page 438)
Growing Up on the Beach (Poetry - page 516)
Indian Summer (Fiction - page 560)
Invasion Sunbelt (Fiction - page 628)
La Bellezza; Er Giorno der Giudizzio; E cio li Tistimoni (Poetry - page 460)
Letter to Portsmouth Naval Prison; Minor Landscape; Venice Rising (Poetry - page 480)
Light, Games, Women (Fiction - page 594)
Montale's Night Music (Nonfiction - page 449)
New Orleans Sketchbook; Abiding Winter; The Loft (Poetry - page 506)
Night Message for Ted in the South; Duck Hunter; Elegy at the Peter Dana Point (Poetry - page 495)
Nothing Is Yet in the Past; Meditation (Poetry - page 466)
On Becoming All at Once (Poetry - page 471)
Recovery (Poetry - page 511)
Teresa (Poetry - page 504)
The American Literary Ego: An Essay in Psychohistory (Nonfiction - page 409)
The Crutch (Fiction - page 580)
The Every-Member Canvass (Fiction - page 615)
The Prophet Without Honor; The Man of Order in Hope (Poetry - page 500)
The Stalking-Birds (Poetry - page 514)
Thinking About It; Bodily worship is only the token to others or ourselves of mental adoration; Cold Snap (Poetry - page 498)
This Is Missoula; After Camille (Poetry - page 468)
Triptych (Poetry - page 475)