Issue: Summer - 1979

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A Masterpiece Apparently Destroyed; Reunion at 35; (Poetry - page 643)
Men in Dark Times: Three New British Poets (Nonfiction - page 585)
Mystery Enough at Noon: John Fowles's Revision of The Magus (Review - page 716)
The scholar is a mere conservative: The Criticism of J. V. Cunningham (Nonfiction - page 545)
''Writing is simplicity…'' 'History' 'The End' (Poetry - page 632)
A Mind Running Loose: New Views of the Private Virginia Woolf (Review - page 688)
A Personal Tour of Donald Davie's Imaginary Museum (Review - page 724)
A Puff of Smoke (Poetry - page 627)
A Question of Karma (Fiction - page 646)
Allen Tate: A Note in Memory (Nonfiction - page 521)
An Essay on the Beautiful (Nonfiction - page 524)
Bernard Gilbert: A Neglected English Novelist (Nonfiction - page 575)
Bloomsbury: History, Myth, and Metaphor (Review - page 696)
City Lights; Wildwood by the Sea; Too much at once; A living; I live today (Poetry - page 638)
Evolving Style (Review - page 711)
Four Quartetsin Rehearsal (Review - page 733)
Howard Nemerov in St. Louis: An Interview (page - 605)
Human Voices (Fiction - page 657)
Many Houses (Poetry - page 617)
Picnic in Andalusia (Fiction - page 665)
Proven Knowledge: The Poems of Kathleen Campbell (Review - page 730)
Richard Wilbur's The Mind-Reader (Review - page 763)
Ruins and Ancient Edifices (Review - page 681)
Some Recent Work on Yeats: From Great Modern Poet to Canonical Classic (Review - page 742)
Surviving with Grace: Tennesse Williams Today (Review - page 753)
The Downhill Dream; Another Apollo and Daphne; The Wake (Poetry - page 635)
The English and Scottish Traditional Ballads (Nonfiction - page 560)
Violence and After (Review - page 702)
Yvor Winters; By the Road to the Air-Base (Nonfiction - page 567)