Issue: Summer - 1991

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A Flat Dark Sky (Poetry - page 652)
All Mirrors Show the World Reversed; The Real Reason for Going Is Not Just To Get There; Pipe Dream; (Poetry - page 679)
An Empire of Poetry (Nonfiction - page 558)
Aus Meinem Leben (Poetry - page 707)
Blood and Mind: John Finlay (1941-1991) (Nonfiction - page 723)
Brahms Requiem; Neanderthal; Half-Life (Poetry - page 700)
Cabbage Opera (Fiction - page 575)
Commuter Marriage (Poetry - page 674)
Cool Fire; The Adventures of Water (Poetry - page 657)
Dad's Shiny Black Wing Tips, Mother's Brown and White Pumps; Having You Both (Poetry - page 709)
For Robert Penn Warren (Poetry - page 699)
Gospel of the Mountain (Poetry - page 708)
Gypsies (Fiction - page 595)
Hardy's Satires: Hard Knowledge, Ghostly Presence, Sexual Loss (Nonfiction - page 545)
Harry Stafford: Whitman at Timber Creek (Poetry - page 670)
Judgment Day (Fiction - page 606)
Kosher Salt (Fiction - page 645)
Metropolitan Twilight; Watching Bergman Films with My Father (Poetry - page 694)
On the Death of Hart Crane; At the Grave of Wallace Stevens (Poetry - page 665)
Pennies (Poetry - page 687)
Picture of Genevieve, Low Sky, and Panic Song (Poetry - page 706)
Poem from My Mother's Point of View (Poetry - page 685)
Pulse and Impulse: I. Our Good Gray Poet and My Great Horned Owl II. Belly Dancers and Apple Trees (Poetry - page 505)
Quoits (Fiction - page 585)
Summer Sequence; The girl outside your window; In Flower; Anniversary Verses for My Oldest Wife; An Old Flame; An Envoi; Post-TURP (Poetry - page 491)
T. S. Eliot's Skepticism (Review - page 713)
Tectonic of Love (Poetry - page 693)
Texas City, 1947 (Fiction - page 625)
That Child; Buying the Dildo (Poetry - page 689)
The Dark Rooms of John Finlay (Nonfiction - page 727)
The Haunting of Free Verse: Towards a Method of Metrical Ghostbustin (Nonfiction - page 522)
The Journeyings of Catharine Savage Brosman (Review - page 718)
The Late Raspberry Reminds Him of Her; Sunset at the Community Mental Health Center (Poetry - page 704)
The Poetry of John Finlay (Nonfiction - page 730)
Wrapped (Poetry - page 662)
End Special Section––John Finlay: In Memoriam
End Special Section: W. D. Snodgrass: Poetry and Poetics
Special Section: John Finlay: In Memoriam
Special Section: W. D. Snodgrass: Poetry and Poetics