Issue: Summer 2012

Horse racing, sister detectives, and Japanese puppetry feature in new stories by Andrew Plattner, Laura van den Berg, and S. P. Tenhoff. Essays include Shara Lessley’s essay on ballet dancing and Elizabeth Bishop’s poetry, “One Cluster, Bright, Astringent,” and Ted Sanders’s “The Playroom: A Diagram,” a playful mapping of domestic space. New poems by Albert Goldbarth, Bonnie Bolling, John Surowiecki, Bruce Bond, Daneen Wardrop, Jared Harel, Kimberly Grey, Phillip B. Williams, and many others. 

Summer 2012 Audio Gallery

In this Issue:

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  • The Red Hijab; Broken; Lost; The Compound (Poetry - page 437)
  • Convalescence; Cyclops; (Poetry - page 478)
  • Felled Tree; Michigan (Poetry - page 392)
  • This Kind of Maybe (Poetry - page 482)
  • Who carries a telephone book with them when they are running from a war?; A Survey: The Lingering; What's Left Behind; (Poetry - page 361)
  • Wound! Out from behind two crouching masses of the world the word leapt; Somehow, We Are a We (Poetry - page 529)
  • My Years in Tacoma, without Exaggeration (Poetry - page 535)
  • Egyptian Bowl with Figs; Reconciliation (Poetry - page 412)
  • A Development; The Home Front; Swarm (Poetry - page 444)
  • Graphology Relapse Four: Walking the Backs/Hollow Earth; Penillion of His Last Harpsichord; Penillion of Night (Poetry - page 463)
  • Maximalism: A Romance (Poetry - page 368)
  • How I Became King (Poetry - page 416)
  • One Cluster, Bright, Astringent (Nonfiction - page 467)
  • Straw Poll, I Swan (Poetry - page 414)